• Sally Steele

    Co-Director, City Hope
  • Justin Steele

    Director, Google.org
First Republic helped us buy our home and refinance our student
loans. It’s a partnership unlike any banking experience we’ve ever had.”
Clients Since 2014
Oakland, California

Sally and Justin Steele lead lives of purpose. Sally’s experience working with refugees inspired her to attend seminary and work with underserved communities. After studying engineering, Justin followed his interest in social justice and technology to the nonprofit sector. When they relocated to the Bay Area with their three daughters, the Steeles set out to find a new home. First Republic helped them close quickly on a 100-year-old Craftsman. From there, the Bank refinanced their student loan debt and provided a home equity line of credit, enabling them to fund renovations and transform their backyard into a welcoming space for their family and neighbors.