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MARLA: We have three grown children, two of which have graduated college. One lives in San Francisco, the other is a news reporter and our youngest, Zach, is still in college.

GEOFF: As much as we’re a bicoastal family, we’re just a kind of sprawled-out family. As our kids grew, you know, one of the things as a parent you always want to be able to do is to make sure your kids are independent and understand how to function. And having them begin to interact with our relationship manager and his team was an important component.

MARLA: Who could ever imagine that your relationship manager at a bank becomes a household name between your children and the whole family? With our children traveling internationally, all three of them, there was not a trip that we did not need to reach out to First Republic for assistance with one of our kids in another country.

GEOFF: I’ve recommended several colleagues to First Republic. And what I tell them about the Bank is first and foremost, they’re relationship oriented. They wanna get to know you, and they wanna get to know your family. They wanna understand what your goals and objectives are, and they want to help you meet those goals and objectives.