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TOM: The history of Cristom Vineyards began in 1992 when the founders, my mother and father, moved us west from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and found this east-facing piece of ground here in the old Amity Hills. Fell in love with Oregon, fell in love with the people and had a vision to grow world-class Pinot Noir.

STEVE: Our industry is all about terroir, about the land. The way we make Cristom is really developed almost timelessly over nearly 30 years to accurately reflect what the vines want to do in the vineyard. And that’s where it’s very important for us to view ourselves as stewards. It’s a very complex industry we’re in. There’s over 10,000 wineries in America. There’s many, many more times that many wineries in the world. And we’re all competing for a very small base of consumers. How do you differentiate? First Republic comes at it with a knowledge base that only a handful of banks in America have a specialized knowledge of our industry. This is really important because it’s a special industry. It’s farming, it’s science, it’s art, it’s global. We’re selling Cristom in 49 states and nearly 40 international markets. So it’s a very sophisticated business that we’re in.

TOM: It is more than just a bank. It’s more than just financing. It feels like they get us. It feels like they get our industry and understand that I’m constantly thinking about really four different vintages. The vintage that’s in the market, the vintage I’m about to release, the vintage that’s in the cellar and the vintage on the vine. So I’m constantly thinking about four years. Four vintages at once. And I have a banker who can understand that with me.

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