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TX Zhuo: The word “fika” comes from a Swedish activity where people gather over coffee to chat about ideas and build relationships, and that’s what we wanted to build as a fund. I think we were all entrepreneurs in the past wanting to support fellow entrepreneurs.

Eva Ho: One additional thing that Fika’s really strong in is the understanding of data and its ability to actually transform industries.

TX: We’ve been very thankful that First Republic was one of the first believers in Fika and its story. They took a leap of faith very early on to support us in every way that we could ever imagine. From guiding us in the right way to set up a fund to introducing us to investors that would eventually come in to be investors in the fund.

Eva: In the past, a bank has been really just, honestly, something you’re going to have to tolerate, to be honest. But I think with First Republic, we built a real relationship built on trust, and we know that they really have our backs.

TX: It felt like they were welcoming us to a family, and I think we’re very proud over the course.