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As a physician, almost everyone has lots of loans. It’s not uncommon to hear of people that owe half a million dollars. My wife and I cumulatively had a similar amount. When we were looking at refinancing our loans after medical school, I found two companies. I refinanced loans for myself and for my wife, and I was very pleased with the refinancing, with those two companies. So when I looked at First Republic to refinance again, it was only because my patient had recommended to me: He said, “Hey, you really need to check out First Republic.” When I looked at the interest rates, and when I was communicating with the representatives from First Republic, very quickly I realized, this is a different, this is a different situation. I trust First Republic a lot and when you’re dealing with this amount of money, it’s very — it’s very — comforting to know that there’s an individual that I can talk to. Every month when we receive our statements from First Republic, I can see the amount of interest that we’re paying is significantly less that the amount of interest that we were paying with our previous company. The amount of money that we have available to invest into our future, into our daughter, to a home, to a down payment on a home, to greater security, to our retirement is very real.

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