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The St. Francis Center is a multiservice nonprofit located right in the community. We offer all kinds of services. We have a food program, a clothing program, 135 units of low-income housing, two huge community gardens, a school, ESL program, GED program and an after-school youth program. First Republic understood that when you need funding for something like low-income housing, it has to be nimble, and most institutions aren’t. Most conventional loans aren’t nimble enough to make a difference when you have [snaps fingers] to get something that’s off-market, and you have to get it right now. And they made the loaning process easy, and they were able to offer us things that helped us further our mission, as if it was their mission too. You know, in this world right now, we have a lot of impersonal interactions. That has never been my experience with First Republic. All of my experience with First Republic is very personal. It’s relational. We have a saying in my congregation that everything in ministry is about relationship. From the minute I met our banker and he brought me warm chocolate chip cookies [claps hands], I was done. I knew this was going to be a good relationship.