Corporate Values

Our business model at First Republic is distinctly different from most other companies. While we certainly want to grow and make a profit, we also realize that the best way to do that is through hard work and exceptional client service. Because of this operating philosophy, we are driven by a core set of values that define what we must do every day to best serve our clients.
  • Do the Right Thing

    We strive to do things right at First Republic. We also recognize that we’re a business of humans; mistakes will happen. Therefore, our mandate is to do the right thing: act with integrity, own our actions, correct mistakes, learn from experience.

  • Provide Extraordinary Service

    We always aim to exceed expectations and serve our clients in unexpected ways. We’ll take on only what we can do right. Our business may be about wealth management and banking, but our success is all about service — exceptional customer service.

  • Respect the Team

    Everyone at First Republic makes a difference and everyone at First Republic deserves to feel that his or her contribution is valued. We place high value on collaboration because we know that the power of many is greater than the power of one.

  • Take Responsibility

    At First Republic, it's not enough to do our own jobs well. Making sure our clients are satisfied is everyone’s job. So if something needs fixing, we step up to the plate, “own” the problem and make things right.

  • Think Positively

    We operate in an environment of trust and encourage openness and flexibility. We hire positive people who act positively. Our goal is to “manage toward yes.”

  • Move Forward, Move Fast

    There are two types of organizations — organizations that spend time checking and organizations that spend time doing. We’re doers. We value action and decisiveness and recognize that the best opportunities come to those that act quickly.

  • Grow

    We’ve evolved greatly since our inception, expanding ourselves and our business purpose. At First Republic, we embrace change and every person has the opportunity to grow and contribute. We want our people to soar.

  • Have Fun

    We know that if everyone enjoys their work they’ll do a better job — and our clients will feel the difference. It’s really that simple.