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Our First Republic team knows us well and really understands our needs. It’s made all the difference.

Anita Borg Institute | Palo Alto, California Client of First Republic Bank Since '05

In 1997, the Anita Borg Institute was established to build a community of women technologists and organizations committed to building inclusive cultures where everyone can thrive. As the nonprofit celebrates its second decade, its commitment to this goal remains strong. The Institute’s groundbreaking programs provide guidance and connection to support women around the globe throughout their careers. First Republic’s experience working with nonprofits has been an asset to the organization, which has partnered with the Bank since 2005. With First Republic’s support and financial guidance, the Institute can spend more time focused on its mission to strengthen and grow the community of women in technology.

Pictured Above
Telle Whitney, President and CEO, Anita Borg Institute