Brian Bourquin,
and Paul Mataras

Brian Bourquin, DVM, Owner,
Boston Veterinary Clinic (left);
Paul Mataras, CEO, Boston Veterinary Clinic (right)
With First Republic, there’s a real connection with the team. The personal touch is there with every interaction.
Clients Since 2013

Brian Bourquin and Paul Mataras are active in their local Boston neighborhood, running a successful veterinary clinic group and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community. They joined First Republic as personal clients in 2013, just as they were establishing their clinic. When the time came to expand their business, they turned to the Bank for support. Whether they’re dealing with their personal or business accounts, Brian and Paul find the experience uniformly seamless, painless and organized. They continue to appreciate a financial partnership with a team of advocates that’s built on mutual respect.