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First Republic is not a typical bank — it's a bank that truly cares about each of its clients.

BTIG LLC | New York Clients of First Republic Bank Since '02

BTIG, an institutional brokerage and fund services company, offers order execution, prime brokerage, outsource trading, and other services to investment managers of mutual funds and hedge funds. With offices in 14 cities, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Greenwich, Boston and affiliates in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, BTIG requires a seamless banking experience and a dedicated team that is easily accessible and responsive. BTIG has been banking with First Republic since the company's inception and they have remained with the Bank throughout BTIG's considerable growth from 5 to 400 employees worldwide.

Pictured Above
Kevin Chessen, Co-Founder (left)
Steven Starker, Co-Founder (center)
Scott Kovalik, Co-Founder (right)