Colas Construction

Andrew Colas, President and CEO (standing, right)
Hermann Colas, Jr., Founder (middle row, second from right)
Aneshka Colas-Dickson, Vice President and CFO (middle row, second from left)
Alex Colas, Project Manager (middle row, left)
Marc-Daniel Domond, Executive Project Manager (front row, left)
Pictured with the third generation of the Colas family

Our father trusted us with the family business. First Republic is helping us pass it on to the next generation.
Client Since ’17

Andrew, Aneshka and Alex Colas believe in building for tomorrow. Their father, Hermann, started Colas Construction over 20 years ago with their futures in mind. Now the siblings run one of the country’s top construction companies, providing opportunities for local tradespeople and taking an active role in their community of Portland. Partnering with First Republic for their business and personal banking needs offered the Colas family the support they needed to ensure smooth day-to-day operations while maintaining a strategy for the long term. They turn to First Republic for the deep insight that comes from a holistic financial partnership.