Daniel Rasmussen

Working with First Republic is a completely different experience. The Bank’s service is unparalleled.
Daniel Rasmussen
Founder and Portfolio Manager, Verdad Advisers
Client Since ’15

By the age of 30, Daniel Rasmussen had followed his father’s advice for success repeatedly: Focus and excel in the areas less explored — in niche specialties. Achieving success first through sports (rowing) and then as an author (19th century American South), Dan founded his own hedge fund in 2014 focusing on out-of-favor stocks with difficult balance sheets — a combination other firms usually dismiss. So, when Dan was first introduced to First Republic, he quickly recognized the Bank’s distinctive business model too. Inspired by the true client-first service model, Dan moved his personal and business accounts to First Republic. And today, Dan happily refers his family and friends to the Bank he trusts.