David Patterson, Ph.D., and Noman Absar, M.D.

David Patterson, Ph.D., Librarian, College of Marin (left)
Noman Absar, M.D., Critical Care Physician (right)
We never feel like just another client at First Republic. We can reach our bankers whenever we need to.
Clients Since ’20
Northern California, North Bay/Wine Country

David Patterson and Noman Absar are driven to serve others — David as a college librarian and Noman as an intensive care unit doctor. So they know good service when they see it, like how their First Republic banker handles everything from everyday banking to big-picture financial advice. When they first came to First Republic, their banker made the switch so seamless, they knew they’d found a financial partner for life. Now they’ve got a full team of trusted, accessible professionals who make their banking as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. It’s just one of the many ways First Republic makes them feel valued and cared for as clients.