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I bought my first home in 1985 and got my loan through First Republic. All these years later, they feel like part of the family.

Dr. Bryant A. Toth | Northern California, San Francisco Client of First Republic Bank Since ‘85

Dr. Bryant A. Toth is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon who lives and practices medicine in San Francisco. Dr. Toth came to First Republic for a home loan over 30 years ago and has continued to rely on First Republic to meet his lending and banking support needs. In addition to a busy cosmetic surgical practice, Dr. Toth has dedicated his professional life to helping children born with craniofacial deformity and consults on cosmetic and reconstructive surgical issues throughout the world. Dr. Toth understands commitment to service and sees that same attention to detail delivered by First Republic.

Pictured Above
Dr. Bryant A. Toth
Plastic Surgeon