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In a world of robotic transactions, First Republic is uniquely and wonderfully human.

Einstein Family | Southern California Clients of First Republic Bank Since '13

The Einstein Family believes in following ones’ passions. Cliff and Mandy began collecting contemporary art 30 years ago, and now have one of the most respected private collections in the country. Their son, Harold, became a client of First Republic following the recommendation from their family accountant as he started his production company, Dummy. His parents were so impressed by the service he received, they opened their own personal accounts as well. First Republic works with many multi-generational families and is delighted to bank these two generations of exceptional people.

Pictured Above
Cliff Einstein, Art Collector, Admaker (seated)
Mandy Einstein, Art Collector (right)
Harold Einstein, Writer, Director (center)
Jennifer Boyd-Einstein, Student and Co-Founder, Blank Stare, Blink (left)