Fort Point Beer Company

Fort Point Beer Company
Tyler Catalana, Founder (left)
Justin Catalana, Founder (right)
First Republic understands the needs of a company that’s in constant growth mode. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.
Client Since '15
Northern California, San Francisco

In January of 2014, San Francisco-based Fort Point Beer Company poured its first beer – and never looked back. From the beginning, the award-winning craft brewery has been making beer inspired by the city it calls home and infused with a spirit of innovation. Early on, co-founders and brothers Justin and Tyler Catalana sensed that it wouldn’t be long before others began to sit up and take notice. So when the rapid growth they had once only dreamed of became a reality, the Catalanas turned to First Republic. Today, the brothers know that they have a financial partner that shares their entrepreneurial outlook and has the expertise they need to take their craft beer from local favorite to household name.