Francisco Partners

Dipanjan (DJ) Deb, Co-Founder and CEO (right)
(listed left to right)
John Herr, CFO
Grace Kim, Managing Director, Talent (seated)
Megan Austin Karlen, Partner, Capital Markets
We work with a team of experts at First Republic. They really get our industry.
Client Since '11
Northern California, San Francisco

As a private equity firm with an almost 20-year history, Francisco Partners knows that strong relationships are what it takes to succeed in this fast-paced world. Specializing in investments in technology and technology-enabled businesses, the very nature of the firm’s industry means they often have last-minute or unique asks of the First Republic business banking team. Since 2011, they have entrusted their finances to the Bank and have been able to rely on the team to go above and beyond to meet their needs — and make them feel like they’re the most important client along the way.