Garret Tom and Family

Garret Tom, Retired Deputy Chief, San Francisco Police Department
Anita Tom, Owner, Kumon Center of San Francisco - Ocean Avenue
Pictured with sons, Everet Tom (left) and Ethan Tom (right)
Clients Since '95
Northern California, San Francisco

Garret Tom knows what it means to protect and serve. A recently retired San Francisco Police Department Deputy Chief, Garret has been working to ensure the well-being of neighbors, families and friends his entire adult life. That he had such a successful career on the force is both a source of pride and a badge of honor for this native of the City by the Bay. In much the same way, First Republic has been a trusted partner to Garret, his wife and two sons — protecting and serving their diverse financial interests for over two decades. Today, Garret knows that First Republic will continue to look out for him and those he cares about — no matter where life takes them next.