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We have nothing but glowing things to say about the Bank – their focus on client service is extraordinary.

Gilmartin Magence LLP | Massachusetts Client of First Republic Bank Since '11

Established in 1996 as a residential real estate law firm, Gilmartin Magence has since evolved into a boutique law firm specializing in commercial and residential real estate and business law. Partners Craig Gilmartin and Yitz Magence were thrilled each time their clients worked with First Republic on a deal as they knew the process would run smoothly. Their experience working with First Republic professionally convinced them to move their own banking relationship over. To their delight, the transition was seamless. Shared values – including a commitment to client service, responsiveness and action – have helped the Bank build a strong relationship with Gilmartin Magence.

Pictured Above
Craig P. Gilmartin, Senior Partner (left)
Yitz Magence, Senior Partner (right)