Hamel Family Wines

(listed from right to left)
John Hamel, Managing Director
George Hamel, III, Managing Director
George Hamel, Jr., Vintner 
Pamela Hamel, Vintner

First Republic is part of almost every aspect of our life and business. We wouldn’t want it any other way.
Client Since ’06
Northern California, North Bay/Wine Country

For the Hamels, the goal was simple: create a family business built for the long term. Through a blend of passion, respect for the land and a commitment to quality winemaking, each family member is involved and contributes meaningfully. Guests who visit Hamel Family Wines experience a celebration of the senses, from the estate house design and sweeping vineyard views to the warm hospitality and artisan wines. It’s not unlike First Republic’s thoughtful approach to banking, which attracts clients who value a high level of service and attention to detail. This shared ethos is the foundation of a long-standing client relationship.