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Image of First Republic Medical client(s) Josh Latson

Refinancing my student loans with First Republic has allowed me to be more flexible when thinking about future job opportunities.

Josh Latson | Massachusetts Client of First Republic Bank Since '15

With a background in finance, an immediate return to Wall Street or a foray into consulting may have been a natural career step for Josh Latson. But returning to school for his MBA gave him the time to consider what he’s passionate about – and his decision to take a fellowship in the healthcare industry at a nonprofit meant a revision of his salary expectations. By refinancing his student loans with First Republic, Josh has been able to reduce his monthly payments and focus on saving more for future endeavors, including buying a home. He appreciates the level of professionalism, timeliness and responsiveness his banker showed him throughout the process and looks forward to a continued relationship with First Republic.

Pictured Above
Josh Latson
Special Assistant to the COO, Boston Medical Center

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