Klaus Baer and Rush Jenkins

Klaus Baer, COO and Co-Founder, WRJ Design (left)
Rush Jenkins, CEO and Co-Founder, WRJ Design (right)
Pictured with Wolfie (left) and Dutchie (right)
No matter how big our dream is, First Republic listens and finds a way to support it.
Clients Since '19

For Klaus Baer and Rush Jenkins, sharing values and a vision is the key to a successful personal and professional partnership. In 2008, they founded WRJ Design, an award-winning design firm. Today, their ambitions take flight against the backdrop of the Tetons. With First Republic, Klaus and Rush found a bank that was in step with their globe-trotting lifestyle and their Wyoming community. The couple trusts First Republic to be thoroughly engaged with their journey as the scope of their personal goals and business ventures continues to expand.