Kristal Panchal and
Rishi Panchal, M.D.

Kristal Panchal, Co-Owner, Ivy Cardiovascular and Vein Center
Rishi Panchal, M.D., Physician and Owner, Ivy Cardiovascular and Vein Center
Pictured with Avi

First Republic has been with us every step of the way to our success.
Clients Since 2019

Kristal and Rishi Panchal live in West Palm Beach, Florida, where they own a thriving cardiology practice. When they heard about First Republic’s exceptional client-focused service, they brought both their personal and business accounts to the Bank. Having a consistent and secure relationship with a team that understands their needs has helped them quickly reach professional and personal milestones — including buying a home and a new office building. As First Republic clients, the Panchals have more than a bank; they have a partner that’s committed to their success.