LaSaunda Tate

LaSaunda Tate
Director of Housing and Operations/Homeward Bound of Marin
I refinanced my home at First Republic with a great rate. They are kind, patient and community focused.
Client Since '16
Northern California, East Bay

LaSaunda Tate, a survivor of childhood poverty, recognizes the importance of a stable home — something her widowed mother fought to provide LaSaunda and her three siblings. Inspired by the examples of her late grandfather, a community pastor, LaSaunda understands the value of community building and partnering. As a result, she now serves as a leader within organizations that provide affordable housing and access to resources necessary to improve life outcomes for the underserved. To ensure her presence in a transitioning urban community, LaSaunda contacted First Republic for an Eagle Community loan to refinance her home. Some might call it the perfect match: First Republic and LaSaunda Tate, sharing a commitment to doing the right thing in their communities.