Ashwin Krishnan and Lavanya Krishnan, M.D.

Ashwin Krishnan, Business Development, Airbnb
Lavanya Krishnan, M.D., Dermatologist and Founder, Arya Derm
Pictured with Aryana
First Republic makes everything easy. Our banker understands our mindset and is always quick to respond.
Clients Since ’17
Northern California, San Francisco

Ashwin and Lavanya Krishnan first met as students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today they have thriving careers and a growing family in San Francisco. When they were ready to buy their first home, their real estate agent connected them with First Republic. The Bank supported them through the uncertainties of the homebuying journey. Lavanya and Ashwin now consider First Republic a long-term partner they can lean on for financial advice when navigating new responsibilities as homeowners or as entrepreneurs. This assurance helps them focus on their current priority: settling into their dream home as a new family of four.