Lee & Young Orthodontics

We treat our patients with respect and great service. That’s exactly how First Republic treats us.
Rodney Lee, D.D.S., Owner (left)
Glen Young, D.D.S., Owner (right)

Clients Since '07
Northern California, San Francisco

Rodney Lee and Glen Young believe that there is both an art and a science to creating the perfect smile. It is this balance, as well as their shared trust and values, that has contributed to their success. Their 20-plus year partnership has produced a very simple approach to business: Treat clients kindly and provide them with your best work, and your business will thrive. With this philosophy in mind, they became clients of First Republic over a decade ago and the relationship has strengthened over time. Having a bank that responds intuitively to their business and personal banking needs is something that makes both of them smile too.