Michael Reza and Katie Reiners Reza

Michael Reza, Associate Vice President, Advancement, University of Oregon
Katie Reiners Reza, Insurance Sales Executive
Pictured with Camille (left) and Simone (right)
At First Republic, you’re not banking with an institution. You’re working one-on-one with an individual you trust.
Clients Since ’19

Michael Reza and Katie Reiners Reza lead careers that rely on cultivating strong relationships. When they began talking about refinancing their home with an acquaintance who worked for First Republic, it seemed they’d found a bank whose values reflected their own. And that hunch paid off — from the very first meeting, Michael and Katie formed a bond with their personal banker and his responsive, knowledgeable team. In fact, after that initial refinance went so smoothly, they transferred all their banking to First Republic, including a new home mortgage. Now, as they eye real estate opportunities and plans for the future, Michael and Katie know they have a partner who’s looking out for their financial and personal well-being.