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We love the personal attention we receive from First Republic. The excellent team and atmosphere here – it’s all very special.

Mrs. Curt Gowdy and Cheryl Gowdy | Florida Clients of First Republic Bank Since '15

Mrs. Curt Gowdy, fondly known as Jerre, and her daughter Cheryl Gowdy, were searching for a banking partner that mirrored their values and understood their unique needs. That search led to a relationship with First Republic – an ideal fit, since, for the Gowdys, relationships have always been at the heart of all they do. In fact, Jerre raised three children with her late husband and Hall of Fame broadcaster, Curt Gowdy, and is now a grandmother to five grandchildren. Today, the two feel right at home with First Republic and appreciate the Bank’s commitment to making every client feel like family.

Pictured Above
Mrs. Curt Gowdy, Retired President, Curt Gowdy Broadcasting Corporation (left)
Cheryl Gowdy, President, Gowdy International (right)