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First Republic’s professional loan program helped us free up capital for strategic initiatives.

Portfolio Advisors, LLC | Connecticut Client of First Republic Bank Since '11

Portfolio Advisors is an independent, employee-owned firm that provides tailored private equity, private real estate and private credit investment solutions. With offices in the United States, Europe and Asia, the firm has established a global footprint. And more than 900 limited partners have invested in various Portfolio Advisors sponsored funds. Known for providing customized investment solutions, the firm respects First Republic’s creative and entrepreneurial approach to banking. The relationship extends beyond business banking to include the firm’s professionals. The majority of professionals who participate in Portfolio Advisors’ general partnership vehicles have taken advantage of the Bank’s professional loan program.

Pictured Above
(starting from far left)
Jesse Eisenberg, General Counsel and Managing Director
Charles Harper, Managing Director
William Indelicato, Managing Director
Jenifer Parker, Chief Financial Officer
Brian Murphy, Managing Member and Managing Director
Elizabeth Campbell, Senior Vice President
Kenneth Wisdom, Managing Director