PowHERful Foundation

Soledad O'Brien, Co-Founder and Chairman, PowHERful Foundation; Journalist/Producer
Pictured with Scholars (standing left to right):
Vanesa Cruz; Ariana Quiñones; Tassion Minor; Rochelle Ballantyne
No matter where I am in the world, I know that my First Republic personal banker is just a phone call away.
Client Since '11
New York

Soledad O’Brien began PowHERful Foundation with the intention of providing women of color financial assistance, mentoring and support to get to – and through – college. Her goal? To graduate confident, resourceful individuals who care about the world. To do this, Soledad knew she had to surround herself with others who shared her values. In First Republic, Soledad found a partner that cares for its clients as deeply as she cares about the women supported by her foundation. Since 2011, the organization has looked to the Bank to provide the resources and strategic guidance it needs to continue to transform lives – one scholar at a time.