Puya Hosseini

Image of First Republic Medical client(s) Puya Hosseini, M.D.
Refinancing my student loans has helped me find financial freedom.
Puya Hosseini, M.D. | Southern California Client of First Republic Bank Since ’15

Ever since his childhood, Puya Hosseini has been fascinated with health and fitness, and becoming a doctor was a natural career extension of that passion. Along with his thriving practice as an anesthesiologist, he remains committed to good health and continues to surf, run and play soccer nationally and internationally as a member of the U.S. Medical Soccer Team. By refinancing his student debt with First Republic, he was able to substantially improve his cash flow, increase his ability to travel, and participate in life-changing volunteer medical missions and fitness-focused outreach programs around the world.

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Puya Hosseini, M.D. 

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