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First Republic’s expertise in tax-exempt lending is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. They truly understand what it takes for us to make our vision for the school a day-to-day reality.

Riverdale Country School | Bronx, New York Client of First Republic Bank Since '11

Located just minutes from Manhattan is Riverdale Country School, an independent institution dedicated to developing minds, building character and creating community. Founded in 1907, the school recently embarked on an extensive, three-phase construction project. From the start, Riverdale Country School knew such an undertaking would be a challenge. But in drawing upon First Republic’s extensive experience guiding independent schools through tax-exempt financing, it was able to complete the funding process with ease. Riverdale Country School looks forward to working further with the Bank to enhance its campuses and provide another century of innovative education that prepares students to be citizens of the world.

Pictured Above
Dominic A.A. Randolph, Head of School (left)
Dan Schultz, Director of Finance and Operations (right)