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First Republic’s creativity and personal service mirror our own.

SHOP Architects | New York Clients of First Republic Bank Since '05

SHoP Architects, founded in 1996, is a practice that specializes in architecture, interior design and planning. SHoP is led by seven principals, with a staff of over 200 architects and designers working on projects throughout the United States and internationally. SHoP has been named one of the most innovative firms in the world, and their work is showcased in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. With innovative urban planning and designs ideas always in the works, SHoP leans on First Republic for banking support - calling First Republic a partner since 2005.

Pictured Above
Gregg Pasquarelli 
Kimberly Holden 
Coren Sharples 
Christopher Sharples 
William Sharples 
Vishaan Chakrabarti 
Jonathan Mallie
SHoP Principals