Siri Drangsholt, M.D., and Jacques Hacquebord, M.D.

Siri Drangsholt, M.D., Assistant Professor of Urology, Westchester Medical Center
Jacques Hacquebord, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, NYU Langone Health
Since refinancing our
medical school loans with First Republic, we can afford to invest in our family’s future.
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New York

Siri Drangsholt and Jacques Hacquebord have dedicated themselves to careers in medicine, each drawn to the combination of science and human interaction. This mutual passion and drive required them both to take on medical school debt. To alleviate the burden, the couple refinanced their loans after graduation. A few years later, following a patient’s advice to explore their refinancing options with First Republic, they discovered that they could lower their interest rate further than they thought possible. These savings have allowed them to accelerate their goal of buying a home for their growing family. They’ve also secured a trusted financial partner who will be there for them as they build their future.