St. George Spirits

Dave Smith, Vice President and Head Distiller (left)
Lance Winters, President and Master Distiller (right)
What genuinely distinguishes First Republic is their expertise and care. Working with them enables us to spend more time on our craft.
Client Since ’13
Northern California, East Bay

St. George Spirits, which began as a one-man operation in 1982, now calls a 65,000-square-foot hangar home. After decades of growth and dedication, the pioneering distillery has earned multiple James Beard Award nominations and a reputation for excellence. Lance Winters and Dave Smith view distillation as a form of creative expression and continuously prioritize quality. They identify with First Republic’s high standards and credit the Bank as instrumental to their success. First Republic gave St. George Spirits a loan to invest in a new bottling line that improved efficiency and quality control. The Bank’s support of the business side of their operation allows Lance and Dave to focus on their passion — crafting innovative, award-winning spirits.