Sumeru Equity Partners

Randy Randleman, COO and Managing Director (left)
Kyle Ryland, Managing Partner (center)
Chloe Le, Former Assistant Controller (right)
First Republic is quick, responsive and technology-forward. That’s made all the difference for us.
Client Since '15
Northern California, Peninsula/Silicon Valley

Sumeru Equity Partners credits their team’s collective experience in founding, operating and investing in growth-oriented technology companies for their continued rise. “Sumeru,” Sanskrit for a mythical sacred mountain, is a unique name for a uniquely positioned firm focused on making private equity investments in smaller technology companies with strong growth potential. Since the firm’s founding in 2014, the team has stayed focused on building market leaders through core business improvements, not financial engineering. As the firm scales, they trust First Republic to guide them along the way with responsive and dynamic service that’s tailored to their industry and journey.