Tahbazof Family

Siavash Tahbazof, Owner, SST Investments (seated); Yosef Tahbazof (far left); Sufi Tahbazof Hariri (left)
Samaneh Tahbazof (right); Baha Hariri (far right)
Pictured with Leyli Hariri (standing left) and Mila Hariri (seated right)
When I call First Republic, there’s a human being on the other side of the phone. That’s extremely important to us.
Client Since '05
Northern California, Peninsula/Silicon Valley

Back in 1981, when Siavash (Sia) Tahbazof and his wife Samaneh fled Iran in pursuit of the American Dream, he knew life would never be the same. Today, Sia is the owner of a successful Bay Area construction and development firm. Throughout his career, Sia has held his company to the highest of standards — treating others with respect and integrity is the first order of business. So when a friend recommended First Republic, Sia knew he found a financial partner that appreciated these same values. A client since 2005, the Tahbazof family knows that in First Republic they have a teammate who will help them continue to thrive and expand their family business.