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The level of service we receive from First Republic is exceptional. It’s as though we are the Bank’s only client.

The Buckley School | Sherman Oaks, California Client of First Republic Bank Since '00

Founded in 1933 as an independent K–12 institution by Dr. Isabelle Buckley, The Buckley School has a long-standing tradition of building a strong and stable community. To do this, teachers and administrators dedicate themselves to developing a profound understanding of each and every one of their students. Recognizing in First Republic that same sense of mission and intention, the school partnered with the Bank in 2000 to help realize its short- and long-term projects, including construction of the school’s new performing arts center. Today, that relationship includes a partnership with Buckley’s investment committee to further ensure its mission and endowment goals.

Pictured Above
James Busby, Head of School
Lisa Turchan, CFO