Tom Family

Ethan Tom, Quality Engineer, Planet Labs
Garret Tom, Real Estate Broker and Retired SFPD Deputy Chief
Anita Tom, Instructor and Owner, Kumon Center of San Francisco – Ocean Avenue
Everet Tom, Instructor and Owner, Kumon Center of San Francisco – Outer Richmond
(pictured left to right)

Our relationship with First Republic runs deep. They’ve supported us as we’ve grown our family and business.
Clients Since ’95
Northern California, San Francisco

Back in 1995, newlyweds Garret and Anita Tom were working hard and dreaming big. Their shared philosophy — love what you do and work smart — inspired them to pursue real estate. When they approached First Republic about an investment property, their banker worked with them to secure the loan that would launch their business. The Bank’s commitment to extraordinary service left an impression on the couple. They moved all their banking to First Republic, and a decades-long partnership was born. Today, Garret and Anita have passed their strong work ethic on to their sons, Ethan and Everet, who have grown up with First Republic. After more than 25 years of working with the Bank, the family is turning their focus to planning their legacy. They feel confident knowing they have a dedicated team that will always act in their best interests — today, tomorrow and for generations to come.