Van and Merrill Kasper

Van Kasper, Founder, Van Kasper & Company; Chairman Emeritus, Exploratorium
Merrill Kasper, Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist
We bought our first home with First Republic in 1987 and have never looked back. They’re a partner for life.
Clients Since ’87
Northern California, North Bay/Wine Country

Van and Merrill Kasper share a full life. Whether it’s their real estate ventures, leadership in Bay Area nonprofits or avid vintage car and bicycling hobbies, the couple approaches all they do with thoughtfulness and creativity. Throughout the past three decades, their relationship with First Republic has been a constant. As the Kaspers’ banking needs expand, First Republic always stays one step ahead, offering financial insights on what matters most to them. After all these years, the Kaspers can count on a stable banking team that knows their journey inside and out.