West Portal Oral & Facial Surgery Center

Dean L. Duncan, D.D.S. (left)
Eric M. Scharf, D.D.S. (right)
First Republic handles the banking side of our business, allowing us to focus on taking the best care of our patients.
Client Since ’12
Northern California, San Francisco

Dr. Dean Duncan and Dr. Eric Scharf of West Portal Oral & Facial Surgery Center employ a combination of expertise, efficiency and charisma to put patients at ease and build a happy client base. The two maxillofacial surgeons turned to First Republic to finance the renovation of their original office building in 2013. Since then, they’ve expanded the practice to three locations across San Francisco and have hired three more surgeons. Dr. Duncan and Dr. Scharf credit First Republic’s support of their vision as crucial to their success. Like the Bank, their practice is built on referrals earned by providing high-caliber service.