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I refinanced my student loans with First Republic and the financial impact cannot be overstated. I am now more confident about the options shaping my future.

Yasmin Naghash | New York Client of First Republic Bank Since '16

Yasmin Naghash is a self-professed, life-long planner. From a young age, she knew she would devote herself to a career that honored her respect for the legal system, while setting aside time for her penchant for traveling. But when paying down law school debt proved to be a challenge, Yasmin followed a friend’s advice and reached out to First Republic to refinance her loans. Today, Yasmin works as an attorney in global transactions, has more financial freedom to fill her passport with stamps, and enjoys a close relationship with her First Republic personal banker. Having found a way to reduce significantly her loan length and payments, the two are now at work planning out the next phase of Yasmin’s financial future.

Pictured Above
Yasmin Naghash