Family Gift Making with La Petite Cuillère

First Republic Bank
December 16, 2020

Get into the holiday spirit! Watch a family gift making demonstration with La Petite Cuillère. Create homemade gifts that are enjoyable for all ages. 

Read below for a full transcript of the conversation.

First Republic - Good Evening and Good Afternoon. On behalf of First Republic Bank, it's a privilege and pleasure to welcome you here today. We are delighted to partner with La Petite Cuillère on today's festive program on family gift making. To get us into the holiday spirit, Sandy Osorio, owner of La Petite Cuillère will be teaching us how to create three easy homemade gifts - snowman bark, s'more trail mix and hot chocolate sticks. A quick bit of housekeeping before we get started. Please submit any questions you may have through the Q and A function located at the bottom of your screen. Now without further ado, Chef Sandy, please take it away.

Chef Sandy Osorio - Hello, how are you all? That was just a test run. It's nice to be with you all virtually as it is but what can I say? It is what it is and here we are. So I'm really excited to spend the afternoon with you going over and making some wonderful holiday treats. My name is Sandy Osorio. As Caitlin mentioned, I'm the owner of La Petite Cuillère. I previously in another life was an attorney at one time and decided to get very involved in teaching children 20 years ago at my son's grade school. And did that for some time, volunteering and volunteering the practice of law, decided I liked being around children a lot more and one day I decided to take a very good friend of mine who also works with me, Chef Barbara, who is helping me out with all the camera work today and handling some questions for me, took her out to lunch, talked to her about my idea of running a cooking school and here we all are these years later. After that lunch with her when she told me I was partially crazy but partially a great idea, I went to First Republic Bank and met with my banker Anthony Cuadro who cheered me on and gave me the wind beneath my back along with my husband and some really great friends and started La Petite and now with the pandemic, again he was helping me out with the PPP loan and just made it so simple and here I am, did a total pivot from in-classroom teaching to online teaching and that's what brings me here to you. So I'm very excited to show you some of what we do. Today, we are starting off with some really fun stuff. We'll be making some great snowman bark, which is absolutely delicious and we'll teach you how to make these and package them beautifully so that you can give them as gifts to teachers even though they're virtual but maybe you want to do that or some friends, neighbors, postmen, you can leave these out.

They'll be packaged really nicely so that you can put some different cards, fill this up with extra marshmallows 'cause who doesn't like extra marshmallows on their hot cocoa dippers? We'll be making these and if you just put these in a cup of hot milk, they will dissolve, which was my attempt at making milk out of tissue. But it's really cute. You can put 'em away in a nice little mason jar. You can put it in a mug, you can wrap them independently. And finally, the last thing we will be making is a trail mix that you can also package for nice gifting. So we have some really fun things going on today. I know this is a family event, so we're gonna try and go real slow for you. If I'm going quickly at all, feel free to either pause it if you're watching it later or pipe in with some great questions if you have them. I'm happy to just slow things down. I'm used to teaching children. We have done a pivot into teaching adults as well. We're now doing book club events. We're doing corporate events, as you know. We are also doing bi-coastal family dinners now, which I thought was really cool and that was a great holiday gift so that families can spend time together virtually since they can't be there physically and in person but they're cooking together, sitting down and having a great dinner together, laughing and toasting the holidays. So please check us out, LAPetiteSF, like San Francisco, .com anytime and if you have any questions later on, feel free to email me and we will be very happy to answer your questions if you have any questions about this or any other thing. So I'm gonna get going. We're gonna start off with our snowman bark and I'm gonna just switch camera angles here so you can see, I've done a nice little tray here. Whoops, lost one. Leave no man behind, snowman . So here is our little tray of these. These are great, you can make them, you can either break them apart just randomly but you will lose parts of these. I will teach you later on how to score these so that when you break them apart, you'll get nice intact snowmen. So for this particular dish, we are going to start off with lining a cookie sheet. I'm gonna go over what you need. You will need a cookie sheet.

I'm gonna move my camera over here a little bit and get rid of my little antlers for now, put these over here. So you should have a baking sheet here and this is a half-size baking sheet. You may have a full-size baking sheet, in which case I will also show you how to handle that because you'll only have enough with our ingredients to handle a smaller baking sheet but you will prepare either one exactly the same. So let's prepare the smaller one and you will do the same if you have a larger one and I am going to go, let's see, here we go. There we go, I am going to do this. So we are going to line it with wax paper, wax paper so that the little snowmen will break off easily. This doesn't like to stay down very much. So what I did is I just got some cooking spray and I'm just spraying my sheet, even though it's not gonna really do anything at all for cooking, it will not affect our snowmen but it does keep the wax paper nicely in place. So we'll just do that. You want your wax paper to come up on the edges because we'll have a good amount of chocolate flowing up and it just makes cleanup a lot easier. So I'm gonna give you some time to get your sheets lined up like this. If you have a large one, we're going to be doing exactly the same thing with the cooking spray and what we're gonna do, because we only have enough chocolate to basically let it flow halfway is grab some foil, just little foil sheets or a good piece of foil and we're gonna just make a little barrier. So we're gonna just make a little line of this, about the length of your sheet. Yes?

First Republic - Were you able to hear that? Would parchment paper also work for this?

Chef Sandy - Yes, parchment paper will work just fine. So you might have to peel a little bit off of the bark but it should be just fine. And we continue off with this little wall here and we're gonna basically create a dam for the chocolate to not pass beyond this. So in the words of my son or in the words of, what was his name? Gandalf, "You shall not pass." Put that right there. So we've got both prepared right there and right there. I will go ahead and use the small one for myself. We're gonna start off here with two cups of chocolate chips and I have semi-sweet here, it's just what I prefer. You can use milk chocolate. You can go dark chocolate if you like. You can do a mixture. On the previous snowmen, I did a mixture just so that you kind of cover a little bit of both. I would not use a very high percentage of chocolate because it's really, really bitter. Like baker's chocolate, that's really, really, really dark. I guess some Parisian cafes use a really dark chocolate for a hot cocoa but for this case, we're gonna go ahead and use just a mixture. This is a semi-sweet here and to this, we're going to add some shortening and we're just gonna add that in there, it's gonna help it get fluid, help it just kind of nice and creamy to spread later on. Now I know the microwave, yes?

First Republic - Can we also use butter or a different form other than shortening for that process?

Chef Sandy - If anything, I would probably use cooking oil, just a little bit. The butter has some milky fats that I think would just kind of separate with a microwave and you might just get-

Chef Barbara Dimas - It won't harden.

Chef Sandy - Yeah. it won't harden as much. So Chef Barbara's gonna pipe in when she's got some, well, she always has some excellent advice. But right now we're gonna go ahead and go with that one. I would say use a little bit, I'd say a tablespoon of the cooking oil and that would be like not olive oil. I would do a just safflower oil, corn oil, vegetable oil.

Chef Barbara - Or ghee butter.

Chef Sandy - Ghee butter maybe if you have ghee. So I know the instructions said a minute and a half but we're gonna go with a minute and different microwaves all heat differently. So some are super powerful. Some have an adjustment, some don't. So I'm gonna go with one minute, give it a stir. You'll take a look at it with me at what it looks like and we'll go at 10 second increments at that point, just in intervals just until we get it nice and melted. So I'm gonna walk over to the microwave right now and Chef Barbara is gonna follow me with the camera. Voila. So we're gonna do that. We're gonna give it one minute. Whoops, did I just turn it off? There we go. Very musical. So we'll take a look at that. Make sure if your microwave runs hot that you have some sort of pot holder, whatever you use to take out your dishes because they could be hot. It's always good to have something nearby that you can grab your dish with. So this is a really great time of year to be doing this and I know now with, at least in California, we're on a lockdown, so everybody is inside right now cooking, baking, crafting, doing all sorts of great things and it's wonderful and spending time together, which is what it's all about. I honestly don't miss the mall as much. This is kind of my zone. Okay, so here we go right now. I've got some nice melty chocolate on the bottom but I still have some chips that are pretty intact. We're not gonna get to the point where everything is liquified because the heat from the melted chocolate will help melt the other chips. So I'm gonna go back in for an additional 10 seconds and go from there. Give it a minute here. All righty. Ooh, it's looking nice, it's looking good. Give it a good stir, see how yours looks and mine's looking really, really good. So I'm going to leave it at that and I have some chips here. I think I'll bring it over to the downward camera so you can see. So I have some chips here that I can still make out. But as I stir, they're starting to melt even more.

They're just disappearing, so that's great and if you have a few little lumps in there, that's fine as well. We're going to pour this in right there. And let this just drool in. It should be nice and liquified because we have to do one thing during the time that this starts cooling a little bit. So get as much chocolate as you can into your sheet pan and we're gonna stir that around, use your little spatula or if you have a offset spatula, these are pretty handy to get the chocolate evenly distributed. If not, use what you have, by all means. Just try and get it onto all the corners and you want it evenly spread. You don't want a high end and a low end because we're gonna be breaking these apart. So we want to give it enough substance, enough thickness that it will break apart evenly so you don't end up with just a head. Although it could happen, snowmen have lost their heads. That's how we get a snowball, right? Like that somehow, maybe? Some snowmen. Okay, so that looks pretty good. We're gonna just let that go there. I'm gonna leave that so that can just cool there right on there. All right, let that go, I'm gonna put that to the side. Give that to Chef Barbara for a second there. Now we are going to do one of the steps that we need to do first and that is drawing our snowmen faces because if you start putting it into the soft chocolate, as you put them in and try to draw on them, they'll just sink. So we're gonna go ahead and draw them on right now and they'll be ready to go to just pop them in. So we will get, let me see, how many did I get, about six or eight? So let's take about eight of these and we're gonna just put them down and you'll see, by touching chocolate and then touching this, you're gonna smudge them. So just make sure your hands are clean right now. It's a good time to make sure you've got that going.

Chef Barbara - What are those white things?

Chef Sandy - These are called candy melts and they are a culinary magic trick. They are not really chocolate. They are made of, what are they made of, Barbara? Don't you tell us, I think it's, my goodness, well obviously sugar and it's got some corn starch in it I believe.

Chef Barbara - And cocoa butter.

Chef Sandy - And cocoa butter. Things like that that will help make them a little more stable when we're working with them. So they have them in every color. So you can go to a crafts store like Michaels or a candy store, they will generally have these. So just on the faces, we're gonna make the two eyes and I like to just do the two eyes first and we'll do the smiles later 'cause we gotta get that nose in there and we don't know how long that nose is gonna be until you start drawing because these pens are another mystery. Sometimes they work well, sometimes they don't.

Chef Barbara - What kind of pens are those? Those aren't regular markers.

Chef Sandy - These are not regular markers. These are edible markers and you can get them also. They are great for decorating any kind of food, marshmallows, things like that that we use in cooking class and they're great. The kids can draw on their iced cookies, things like that. Kids and adults. So I'm gonna just start now with my little triangular nose for the snowman and they can go in any direction and this is really fun. You don't have to be perfect, snowmen, as are all of us, imperfect beings. So they are what they are, just kind of make them, and I know they look funny once they don't have a mouth but we can just color them in. There we go. They sort of look like Angry Birds right now.

Chef Barbara - I know Michaels sells those pens.

Chef Sandy - Michaels sells them. You can get them online as well. Any baking store. That's an interesting nose but that's okay. My eye has sort of blurred but that's okay and this is a really fun time to be creative with something like this, kids love this. This is probably their favorite part of a class. Adults love this, like when we're doing a sushi class, they absolutely love being able to make your own roll. Anything, cake decorating, any of that stuff is always just really super fun where you have some control over what you are making, what you're eating, so here we go. We can now put the smile on and it just looks like it's right in place with whatever nose we ended up with. And then we will set these aside until we gather our rest of our little snowman bodies. On that one, I kind of connected the eyes to the smile. He's sort of smirking I suppose. I'll put him on last just in case I don't need him. I'd say probably four dots are really good. Maybe even three, three might be fine. So go ahead and continue on decorating and then you'll want your snowmen heads to be up a little bit so you can have space for your sheet pan.

We'll bring that back and our chocolate is still runny a little bit. So you will see when you push down on them, don't push real hard. You're going to just be pushing down gently. I'm actually gonna move my heads over here on the side so I can put my sheet pan a little better right there. So you'll want to think about how you arrange these because if you just did them this way, you're gonna end up with exactly square snowmen and the way that I did it, I kind of haphazardly, not really haphazardly but made it look like it's a haphazard snowman and so I just got different pieces of bark and it's kind of fun to get these odd shapes I think. But it's completely up to you. So in the corners though, you should do them at an angle. Otherwise it will be just too close along the edge. So we'll do that one and we'll make his body. Make sure your fingers are clean because as you touch, you can smudge your snowman and that's fine too because we all know that snowmen hang out and their bottom parts are basically on the dirt sometimes. This one's the smudgy one, so I'll save that one. Oops, there we go. And then remember, you have to leave room for the little pretzel arms. This one I will kind of get a little close to the other and the arms can go up, they can go down. This guy can go there. And you can just, there you go and you can see how soft the chocolate is. So it doesn't take much, you don't need to push them down. So just kind of give them a little placement and go from there.

First Republic - How large of a pan are you using and can you use a larger one if you wanted to do make more snowmen at one time?

Chef Sandy - You can totally go with a larger pan, as long as you double the chocolate. This is a nine by 13 I'd say, somewhere around there. It's a half-sheet pan, they call it and it looks like it's about a nine by 13, like a lasagna-sized pan but you can totally do it, you only have enough chocolate in this recipe to do a smaller pan. So if you wanted to do more, you can certainly just double the chocolate or triple, depending on how big you want to go. There we go, so I have this many snowmen on. Now we will take our little pretzel sticks and again, we don't want to necessarily have exactly a perfect break in the half. So you can do an up arm and an up arm where he's reaching up. The next snowman may have a short little arm and he's going down like that. That's a little close to the extra snowman there on the side, so he's definitely gonna be reaching up with a very long arm. But you can see how with this guy, because he's so close and I probably won't be able to break him apart too well, he's gonna have really short arms. Maybe that's why he's got such a smirk. This guy's gonna go up. I think I will use less than a full stick. And he's gonna go down. Oops, that one's way too close. So if you get too close like that and you need to do something, don't stick your fingers in there. It'll make quite a mess, use a toothpick. You can lift that right up just using the edge of the toothpick and then have like a little discard pile and make sure your fingers are clean again before you go back in with your next piece. It's always good to have just a little paper towel nearby for those exact situations. So this guy is gonna have little short hands as well. There we go. Whoops, I touched the chocolate, so some chocolate got on his arms, that's fine. It'll be great. And this guy I may just do like that, way up high. So there we have our pretzel arms and just going to make sure I look at each snowman to make sure they have arms.

There we go. Now we are going to, I hope you all found these little nonpareils and if you didn't, white sprinkles will work as well. That's totally fine. The little white nonpareils are just little tiny circles and they will act like little snowflakes. So once you have all those arms on and your chocolate's nice and, we're gonna go ahead and from above, you don't want to do it too low, you want to do it from above because they will sprinkle a little nicer and they can go all over, just all over. A little snowstorm here. So this is really, really fun to do. And again, you don't have to just stick with a holiday theme on this. You can get little yellow candy melts and you can make little sunshines for the first day of spring and you can sprinkle little rainbow nonpareils and you can do a St Patty's Day with a green one, sprinkle some little gold nonpareils so they can be like the little gold in the pot of gold. Lots of ideas, just whatever you like. I think here I stuck my finger in, so I'm gonna cover that little-

Chef Barbara - Can we just repeat because we had questions on how much chocolate it was, two cups?

Chef Sandy - Oh yeah, it's two cups of chocolate.

Chef Barbara - And a tablespoon of shortening.

Chef Sandy - One tablespoon of shortening. It's really, really simple and this is such a great thing to let your kids just kind of go wild with, it's really fun. They'll have a great time and they can be creative and be very proud of what they're creating.

Chef Barbara - So now then this goes in the fridge, right?

Chef Sandy - Yeah, I'm gonna put this in the refrigerator for a little while and in about 15 minutes or so, we're gonna pull them out when they're just a little, getting a little firm and then we'll score them. So have a little sharp knife handy because we will just in the chocolate as it's getting hard, we're gonna go ahead and cut our shapes around those snowmen. So that is that, any other questions out there? We're all okay? Now the next event that we're going to do, I'm gonna go over the ingredients that you need so we can have those ready.

First Republic - Sandy, before you move on.

Chef Sandy - Yes?

First Republic - How long are these snowmen bark good for? If you're giving them as a gift, how far in advance can you make this?

Chef Sandy - You know, I think they'll be fine definitely through, oh my gosh, New Years for sure. They're fine as long as they're stored safely, not in the heat, that kind of thing, they'll be totally fine, totally stable. You can ship these. If you do, I'd wrap them so that all the little sprinkles don't come flying off and they should be fine. What do you think, Chef Barbara?

Chef Barbara - Yeah, I think so. Chocolate lasts a long time.

Chef Sandy - Yeah, chocolate lasts a long time. You can put them in these really cute little bags. I can show you quickly on this snowman while we're waiting for everybody to catch up, I'm gonna go ahead and show you this. I don't have these done yet but I did find these little bags at a crafts store. Maybe even Target has them, these have stars on them but there are also different colored ones and there are some plain ones and I'm thinking with the snowman, I might want to put him in a plain one because you'll be able to see through the bag and I put one piece sort of zigzagged that way and maybe a snowman whose head is leaning the other way, put them in together. We have something that's kind of like that and I'm gonna go back down to the other angle of the camera and show you what I have here. I've got some twine or you can go with red ribbon but I feel like there's no red on here right now. So I'm gonna just go with some regular kitchen twine that I have around here somewhere. Let's see where it is, oh, here. It rolled off the edge there. I'm gonna just go with some kitchen twine or if you have some like jute, something like that that's very kind of rustic looking, you can use that as well or you can even use a gift tag. But I find that the gift tag strings are so short these days, they're pretty hard to tie. So I would do that, just a little bow and if you tie it fairly tight like I just did, you can ruffle the top, you can add a gift tag that is either, if it's not a Kwanzaa or religious gift, Christmas or anything like that, you can just do a homemade sticker on the back that has your name and the date and just "thinking of you" or "missing you," that kind of thing. So you can do that or you can tag on one of these little give to tags and write something inside or you have just a little homemade one as well that's just non-religious in any way.

So these are really fun. You can also get these at any crafts store and have a fun time with a nice writing pen and you have a beautiful little snowman gift right there. And like I said, if you bubble wrap this or just use some packing tissue, these will travel really well. Like nothing's happening to these snowmen. They're good to go and that's just a really fun way to package that up. So I'm gonna just go over some of the ingredients that we're going to need for the next dish just to make sure everybody's got what they need in front of them. You will need, right here, we've got a mini muffin tin and with the amount of chocolate that we are melting, you will get about 20 of these little pops and these pops here will go into your little mini muffin tin as you pour them. We'll decorate them after and later on as they cool, you can peel the white off if you'd like. These I made with espresso chocolate mixed in. If you have children, I would probably advise no espresso powder mixed in. So you will have the chocolate. You can have all the other stuff but I would skip the espresso powder. So these are really, really great. So you'll need a mini muffin tin lined with these little liners here. I would not spray this with a baking spray because I think that's gonna leave a greasy film on the outside. So I wouldn't do that. So you'll need that and then for decorating, we are going to need some marshmallows. Here we go. We're gonna need some pre-peeled caramels. Now these are just caramel candies that you can buy at a drug store. These are caramel bits. So we're really loading it up with some nice caramel. This is Fleur de Sel which is a sea salt but this is Maldon and it's flaky and I'm not sure if you can see those nice big chunks of beautiful salt. So those are great to decorate with and as we're doing it, I would probably pour that out because you're not gonna have time to reach into the jar.

But you can do that and sprinkle from the top again just like we did with the little nonpareils and we have these little extra marshmallows over here so we can get those together. I might add, if you have these little mini muffin liners, I like to store mine in a mason jar. It keeps them stacked and safe and not crushed and you can do that with the bigger ones as well. Then you will need your popsicle sticks or you can use something like a cake pop stick, which is just a little bit harder and firmer to stick into the caramel or you could even use a beautiful golden, it's like a paper straw but it's not a paper straw. It's a pop stick as well. And all of this is available at any crafts store or online, you can order that. I would say as far as sticking these into the caramels when it's time, an adult may want to do that. You can let your kids try but they're a little tough.

Chef Barbara - Chef Sandy, where did you find those caramel bits?

Chef Sandy - The caramel bits, I just found them at my local Safeway here which I think is a Ralph's grocery store and it's in the baking aisle. Sometimes they might even have toffee pieces, which could also work if you don't have the caramel bits. We're going with a caramel vibe here because these are salted caramel hot chocolates that we're trying to do here. But by all means, you could put a little, just some toffee inside. I'm not sure how that would be with the hot chocolate but you might have hot pieces of the toffee probably wouldn't melt.

Chef Barbara - No, but then chocolate peppermint

Chef Sandy - You could totally do peppermint and I think I put on the list to have some little mini candy canes which you can easily just put them in a Ziploc bag, which is what we're going to do or one of these little bags that I have nearby here. We'll crush these and you can do a peppermint hot chocolate. So you can use anything here to smash that down. I happen to have just like a meat mallet and you can just, a little crush, a little pound and you've got some nice peppermint. So you can also instead of a caramel, you can get one of those like After Eight Mint type of candies or Andes Mint and stick it inside and then you'd have a creme de mint and then a little peppermint. So it's gonna be very minty, for those that like mint. It smells so good, wow.

Chef Barbara - All these gifts you could easily ship, right Chef Sandy? They're not too breakable.

Chef Sandy - They're not breakable.

Chef Barbara - It's a cold weather time.

Chef Sandy - Cold weather.

Chef Barbara - You don't have to worry about the chocolate melting.

Chef Sandy - Yeah. I think you'll be totally fine. You don't have to overnight ship them. This would be perfectly fine to do just regular shipping and put 'em in a box with lots of little bubble wrap or whatever it is that you have at home. Other gifts, I wouldn't put on top of it but I would definitely go with that. So we've got basically all of our decorations. We've got our mini marshmallows, we've got our caramels. Oh, and these I really found were super cute. When you go and buy your little sprinkles, I thought these were really pretty in case you're doing little Hanukkah pops. You could do, it's not exactly the darker blue but I thought these were really beautiful. Non-denominational, they could go with anything. You could do this at any time. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and do this. We are going to go over to the stove now and we're going to melt some chocolate and the way that we'll do that, I will take you over there and show you real quickly. So we're going to start with a pan here. We're going to put in about one inch of water. We don't want to boil the chocolate. We're just melting the chocolate. So I would say one finger's worth, one inch of water and then you'll have just like a mixing bowl if you don't have a double boiler. This basically is a double boiler. You can put the mixing bowl right on top. Let it rest on top of your pan and take it off and turn it upside down just to make sure there's no water on the bottom. If there's water on the bottom, you've gone too far, you've gone too much, so you don't need that much. You want to pull this back a little bit, no, you're good? Okay, so we've got this right here. We're going to start our heat, get it going high just to get it ignited. I wouldn't leave it high. Probably about 80% there. Okay, we're gonna put this on here. This is going to get very, very hot. So you're going to need something to hold it with that is heat-protective, that will protect your hand and that will be able to handle all this heat. We will need a spoon to stir our chocolate here. You'll need a spoon rest because this is going to get messy and you'll need your two cups, is this two cups, Chef Barbara? I think this is two cups as well.

Chef Barbara - 18 ounces

Chef Sandy - 18 ounces actually, slightly more, so 18 ounces of chocolate here and I've mixed this one dark and semi-sweet again. I can feel the heat from this. I know it's not boiling yet but we can start adding our chocolate to the cold bowl. That's totally fine. You will start seeing it when it's hot enough. Now some people like spicy chocolate, so you could put a pinch of cayenne in if you like, which would be a nice spicy hot chocolate. You could also put a little bit of cinnamon in if you like that, you can do a cinnamon pop, cinnamon hot chocolate much like a cappuccino sort of I think. That kind of thing. I can see the bottom is not melting just yet but it is getting there. It's starting. Okay. Great. So, let's see here. I'm getting a little bit of heat. I can see that some of my chocolate is melting here. Not quite perfect yet. I put like a little cutting board here, a little mini cutting board that I have here and like I said, I won't be using the espresso powder just because I plan on gifting these to people with children. I don't think they'll appreciate me when they're sitting down for a nice hot chocolate TV time and on top of all the sugar, they might get a little extra very long night. So use that wisely. But my husband did have the espresso one the other night at nine o'clock, didn't affect him at all but he's sort of superhuman with that whole thing. Caffeine doesn't affect him. I can't have coffee past three o'clock, so I'm just a little different on that one. Okay, so it's definitely getting hot. Give it some stirs to get the bottom to the top and maybe the top to the bottom. Chef Barbara, could you bring me the red one of these? And I think it's underneath that recipe right there by the cutting boards. It's just a little more heat-protective. This one's a little on the thin side. Thank you, this one's a little better. Okay, any questions from anyone right now? Do we have anything out there?

Chef Barbara - No.

Chef Sandy - Okay, doing well. This is great. Now I can understand why some people might want to put cinnamon in the chocolate and you know, chocolate actually originally came from Mexico and brought to the Old World by the Spaniards and then to the New World by the British.

First Republic - Chef Sandy.

Chef Sandy - Hot chocolate. Yes?

First Republic - For this recipe, why aren't we using a microwave like we did for the last one? What's the difference between using the double boiling method on here?

Chef Sandy - Well, the double boiling method is gonna give us a little more liquidy, well not necessarily liquidy chocolate but we're adding some dry ingredients. So we really need to do that as we're watching and with a microwave, I think it-

Chef Barbara - You could do it, it would melt.

Chef Sandy - You could melt it in the microwave I guess, yeah. You'd just have to constantly be opening a little more, which is okay. Not everybody has maybe a stove top. Not necessarily everybody has a microwave and you could have done the other one on the stove as well.

Chef Barbara - The double boiling method is the classic way.

Chef Sandy - I like to be able to see exactly what's happening and you can't see that exactly in a microwave if you're constantly doing a 30 second increment. Here I can see exactly where I'm going and when to turn off the heat because the residual heat from this boiling water underneath is going to continue to melt. So that is going to help us here.

Chef Barbara - Something was asking, Chef Sandy, about the water to see how rapidly or if it's boiling and you actually don't want to have it boil.

Chef Sandy - You don't want to have it boil as the water is, yeah, I started it on high just to get the heat going but you basically want to keep it at a simmer as your chocolate starts melting and you will see that that will help and as it's getting nice and melted like this, we can start adding some of our ingredients here, our dry ingredients we're gonna add and it's gonna get really, really thick. It's really hard to mix this in. So you're gonna get a little maybe frustrated with this one but I'm trying to incorporate one at a time rather than dump it all in because you will end up with a big sludge.

Chef Barbara - When you combine them, if you start seeing steam coming up, turn your heat off.

Chef Sandy - Turn your heat off. I just saw a little puff of steam come up as my bowl was tipping here while I'm mixing and so that's a good signal that you have got the heat that you need. Now this is starting to get thick like a brownie mix and we've only added one of our ingredients. I'm gonna go with the smallest one next, which is my salt and salt, often a lot of people wonder why salt with sweets? And I think it just makes the sweetness pop a little more. It's really quite nice. This is not going to be pipeable for the most part unless yours is looking very different than mine. Mine is very thick. So right now I'm going to add the powdered sugar and this is where it becomes pretty tough to mix. I'm gonna do half of it in right now. And if you have something like this flat edge, that sometimes works a little bit better to just sort of chop it in when we get to the thickest part. So you may want to keep that nearby.

Chef Barbara - Once the chocolate's melted, you can then take it off the heat.

Chef Sandy - Off the heat, yeah, you can do that right, I can pretty much do that right now and I may just take that over to the table now because I am going to be using this now. So if you have anything that's got a flat edge, it's a good time to grab that and I'm gonna head on over to my cooking area along with my extra powdered sugar. So I can grab that, over to my cutting board area where I can work and bring this over. Gonna grab that. I'm gonna switch camera views so you can see where I am compared to where you are. So let's move our ingredients over here. I'm gonna still continue to mix this. Now my bowl is not hot on the edges. Once it was over the heat, it was. All right, I'm going to add the rest of my powdered sugar, which is a ton. But .

Chef Barbara - Looks good.

Chef Sandy It is. But it makes the pop, so here we go. Try to mix this all in and this is exactly what it should look like, okay? Like a giant, dark snowball and just keep going with it, I promise it will come together. Use your spoon, use a flat edge, use whatever you have to do to get this to go. It's gonna start looking like a very thick fudge and as it mixes in, I just kind of am smashing it against the edges to get it all to incorporate. It's going to end up being like a chocolate Play-Doh sort of is what I found the other night. I think it's just gonna be too difficult to, I don't think anybody's gonna get it to the piping consistency and that's one thing I put that on there in case yours does but in all the times I have made this, I have not reached a piping consistency. So I don't know if they put something more, like maybe a cooking oil or something in it but it would never harden up to be a pop and you wouldn't want cooking oil in your pop, your hot cocoa, you wouldn't want to taste the greasy feel to it. So this is going really well here. Get this chocolate off your spoon and you can see it's pretty much rubbing easily right off of my spoon here. So that's a good thing. Keep going. All righty, let's keep going there. A little harder here. Great, okay. All the sugar looks like it's incorporated, even though it's still a little white but it's off the edges, so we have it mixed in. That's great, I'm gonna use the other spoon now temporarily to see, the flat spoon. Like I said, I'm gonna just kind of chop it in to get it really going. Great. If you have some plastic gloves, you may want to have those out when we start forming the little pops. Okay, this is looking really good and you'll start seeing as you're mixing it, it's getting moist again. You'll start seeing like it's not as dry.

As you start mashing it down, it starts getting that glossy chocolate look to it again. Okay, I think I'm gonna go in with the best tools that we have, which are our hands. So I like this, it's warm, it's not hot and it's like kneading dough and there you go. It's all coming together here. Let me use that to sort of scoop up everything else in the bowl. And it sure makes it easier to clean up. Have less of it stuck inside the bowl. A beautiful dough here. A chocolate dough ball, so to speak. That's what I've got right there. All right. So here we have this nice, beautiful warm chocolate ball here. A nice giant ball. I've got my bowl, I'm going to take a little bit off here, gonna peel a little bit off, a little ball there and you can drop that into all of your, I would do 10 of them for right now. Let's do 10 and you don't want it to go halfway. It's gonna be the size of, let's say a little bit bigger than your mini marshmallow, about the size of your mini marshmallow and so that we're not going back from chocolate to caramel, from chocolate to caramel. We're gonna go ahead and just get the base part of this rolled in. This goes really quickly here, this little part. It's kind of like taffy actually is the consistency of it. It's not like if you pulled it apart, it's not gonna stretch forever but it is kind of like that little bit of a pull to it. Gonna drop a little bit in each one and we don't want to do it across all 24 spots that you might have in your mini muffin tin because remember, we have to put a top on them. So after we put the caramel in, we will be covering it with more chocolate and then decorating those tops. Now when you're putting all that powder in, it doesn't quite look like it's going to come together but then it does. So it's just a little bit of persistence. Keep going with it. That's good, so I'm gonna do 16 there and right now I'm gonna just put my caramel in. So I'm just putting it and pushing it down. Just putting them in and pushing them down and you'll need much less chocolate to cover the top because now you're almost at the rim of your little mini muffin paper. All righty. Okay. I think I'm going to, we've got plenty of chocolate here. Get these caramels that are stuck. There we go, here they come. There you go. You want to put your fattest, even though it's a square, put your widest side to the top. Okay, I'm gonna go with 16 right now.

If I have extra chocolate at the end, I will do more. You should have enough for 20 but we'll just start with that and I know we're running low on time, so we're gonna just take another piece and put it right on top just to make sure it's covered. You don't need a ton. You just want to kind of cover it and tap it down. What's that? Yeah. I'm gonna do a little bit more. Okay. I'm gonna go with eight here and then I know I can do the rest of these later but I want to give you eight little ideas here. So I'm gonna just clean my hands off. Okay, now we're gonna get our sticks and we're going to just push these straight down into the caramel and the warmth of the chocolate will help the caramel get soft enough to push these little sticks down and here's one of the little decorative ones, if you want to do that. So I'm gonna do these little four here. Then you'll put some marshmallows on. I would do three per and then you can put the little bites in between, the caramel bites or the little blue, so for this one because it's got the gold and I have a little gold in this blue, I'm gonna just sprinkle some of this blue right there. It will stick right onto the chocolate. It's really beautiful and I would still probably do some Maldon sea salt there to get some chunks on there. On this one, I will put the little caramel bits right in there.

Chef Barbara - And Chef Sandy, the chocolate stays soft for awhile.

Chef Sandy - Quite awhile, yep.

Chef Barbara - So, you have time to work with it.

Chef Sandy - You have time to work with it, be creative. This is a great one for the kids because it's not gonna just get all hard on you right there. So they have plenty of time to play with this. Here we can do some candy cane on this one and that's really pretty and nice and minty and I don't know, you can be creative. I don't know if candy cane goes great with caramel bits but I can't imagine why it wouldn't. So you can do just a candy cane one if you really like, make it a peppermint one and you can just put your little candy cane bits there and I would still add some salt just because why not? I love the sea salt on it, it's like the best part. Little marshmallows will melt and when you are packaging these up, I would totally do a bag and then you'd do two or three per bag and then fill the rest of the bag with mini marshmallows because nothing wrong with the extra marshmallows. It's beautiful, it's a great thing to have those extra marshmallows floating. So that is how you do this one. Those are really beautiful with the blue pearls of stuff there. Beautiful. There we go, these are ready to go. So you can continue to do those.

Chef Barbara - How long does it take for them to harden?

Chef Sandy - Yeah, these I would leave until probably tomorrow before you start, continue on with trying to package them or anything like that, I would leave them for tomorrow.

Chef Barbara - Leave them in the paper?

Chef Sandy - Yeah. I would leave them and start peeling them out of the paper tomorrow is fine. You want them nice and firm and you'll be able to touch them and feel that they are pretty hard and the marshmallows will feel kind of not stale or anything like that but they will harden up a little bit as well, which is great. And then this just goes into a hot cup of milk and as they stir, the marshmallows will release, the caramel will melt, the little salted, the chocolate will melt, the milk will just start turning color right in front of them and it's really wonderful, it's fun. Maybe you have lots of different mugs of milk coming out and they can pick their own pop. You can put a variety of the different pops on a tray and you can do that if you're singing carols or if you're outside stargazing, whatever you have there. And then our final gift and this like I said, you can put these in these cute little cellophane bags as well with gift tags and they're ready to go and they travel very well. This one, the trail mix travels extremely well and I listed a few ingredients that I'm going to use but you can by any means, this is a great pantry dump. So this is a great one. We can start off with a bag of Chex Mix. I'm going to make a smaller amount here, whoops.

Chef Barbara - You don't leave those in the refrigerator?

Chef Sandy - The pops you don't need to refrigerate. The other one, you do, the bark. So with the pops, you don't need to refrigerate at all. And in fact, I probably wouldn't because I think the moisture of a refrigerator for a really long time, like if you were gonna store them in there, you might get little beads of water or mist on them. So I don't think that's a great mix with the chocolate. So for this one, it's just you're going to get a nice big bowl, you're gonna put your Chex Mix in and this is kind of whatever you have in your pantry or snack drawer, you can find M&Ms of any color, they sell them online, blue, black, green, purple, anything you want. These I just picked up at the drug store because they're seasonal. So you can jump those in. I found sunflower seeds I think are great for a nice hike in this nice brisk weather. I've got some peanuts I'm gonna throw in there and this is a great one for the kids to help out with because there's not anything hot here, this is all great. Some pepitas. Again, you can use your leftover marshmallows. Those can go in, if there is such a thing as leftover marshmallows, I don't know. Cranberries, I have this from my salad drawer. So I just threw in some nice cranberries, I love that. Same with the pepitas, those are great. Graham crackers or if you like, you can do these little Teddy Grahams that I have. I don't know why I have Teddy Grahams. I don't have little kids but I like Teddy Grahams. Maybe it's because I feel like I'm eating less that way. And then of course, we're going to add some chocolate chips and let me just snip this. Put in some chocolate chips. This is like making a salad. You're gonna just do this to wherever it looks good to you and pretzels are great, you can either use the same pretzel sticks that we used earlier and break them up or you can get those little mini round ones. I just kind of like different sizes I think is a fun thing. Also one fun thing you can add if you have them hanging around like I do, Goldfish Pretzels already ready to go there.

So this is your beautiful trail mix. This one you can put in a nice bag. If you've got a little scoop or a measuring cup, these just go scooped up right in and they are beautiful. If you don't want to do it like a gift bag like this, I have done them for my kids and I just put these out on the counter. This one you can also just find little stickers to use and these are fun for kids on a hike or something. So I'm gonna show you how to score the other chocolate in a few minutes and that's super fast, but you can put a sticker on here. I have also put these in lunch bags. If you have the old paper lunch bags, those are really super easy and I just roll them up. I fill about a quarter of it, roll it up like a little burrito and tie it with some twine, which I just think looks so cute. I put it on a big serving dish on the counter and they just disappear, disappear. So here are our snowmen that we did. We gave them a little bit of time to chill out in the fridge, no pun intended. Go get your sharp knife, it's not ready to break yet but you can cut along the chocolate. If it is hard for you because your refrigerator maybe works faster than mine, you can just put the knife tip in some hot water and you can zigzag, which is nice because the chocolate's not hard yet. You want to go down about a quarter of the way and cut around your snowman and I like to just do it, even if I don't have to, I like to do it at angles because I think it looks really cute and you get those little breaks in shape that are really fun. Like this guy is gonna be kind of a zigzag because I had this really long arm and then a really short arm. So he's gonna go back in there. Here we go, we've given that a little bit of a turn. He's gonna come here and he's gonna go all the way to the end and this point here is gonna go there and to the edge. I'm gonna try and break one of mine free so that you'll be able to see how this works. You just lift, peel back your wax paper and with any luck, come up right on the knife lines and there you have two snowmen free. They're not quite ready yet because as I'm touching it, I can feel and maybe you can see the chocolate is kind of melting under my fingers. So I would put these guys back in the refrigerator right now for myself. Kinda like putting these little puzzles back.

That would be actually really fun is to package a whole tray full and then they have to re-puzzle it. That would be kind of a cute gift and you could maybe make like a puzzle box somehow and tell them that there's a puzzle in there. So there we go with your gifts and I hope you guys had a really fun time. I have had so much fun. This is such a dream, I'll tell you. I loved the practice of law but I loved cooking and it's always been my passion and I never in a million years thought it was going to be something that I did professionally and it still doesn't feel like that because I love doing it and I have so much fun spending time with people. So bon appetit, have a wonderful and happy holiday season. Stay well, be well and have fun in the kitchen. I hope to see you again, join us for another class. You can find everything that we are offering online at and thank you First Republic and thank you, all of you for attending. It's just been great and again, thank you Anthony. You have been amazing.

First Republic - Thank you, Chef Sandy and thank you Chef Barbara for joining us today. We had a such a great time following along with you and hope to see you again in the kitchen soon. For everyone who joined us today, be well and be safe, thank you.

Chef Sandy - Bye everyone, be well.

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