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Financial Tips While You Travel

First Republic Bank

Planning a getaway?  Here is some quick advice to be sure you don’t have to worry about accessing your money wherever you are in the world.

  • To better prepare for your trip, you might want to consider how you will be using your card. Your First Republic ATM/Debit card has a default withdrawal limit of $1,000, which can be adjusted by contacting your banker.
  • Let your banker know if you are planning to take a trip, that way they can place a travel declaration on your account. You may also submit a travel declaration via Banking Online. You should also let your credit card company know so that a fraud alert isn’t placed on your card when you use your card in an unfamiliar place.
  •  If while you are on vacation, your ATM/Debit card doesn’t work, before you panic, consider these common reasons why cards sometimes give people trouble, particularly when they travel:
    • The ATM you are using is out of network. Nearly all machines in the world are Accel, Plus, STAR or NYCE – but occasionally a machine is out of this network. If your card isn’t working, you might want to try another ATM nearby and see if it is part of this network.
    • You are over your daily limit. Please contact your banker to adjust these limits.
    • You are requesting an amount over the ATM’s limit. Sometimes you may avoid this by requesting a lower amount multiple times.

If your card is lost, contact your banker immediately. Check the website for international toll-free dialing instructions: Dialing Instructions (PDF)

Feel free to visit our Travel Gallery & Tips page for photos and travel tips from First Republic clients all over the world. The most important piece of advice we can give you is to have a fabulous trip!