Floral Arrangement Class

First Republic Bank
March 30, 2021

Learn how to create beautiful floral arrangements that will transform the ambiance of your home. Experienced florist Orna Maymon will demonstrate how to pick and arrange complementary flowers and make them the center of attention for any season. Observe how to decide which vase to use, how to get the flowers ready, and when to add greenery and decorations to create an elegant and sophisticated arrangement.

Read below for a full transcript of the conversation. 

Anna Hirano - Good afternoon, good evening. Welcome everyone. My name is Anna Hirano, senior vice president Head of West Coast Deposits for First Republic Bank. We are excited to have you join us today for our floral arrangement class. I'm excited to introduce the area creative Florals Orna Maymon. Orna has over 25 years experience in floral and event design. She's known for her unconventional, juxtapositions modern and antique, minimalist and lavish bold and understated, which are evident in all her curation. From a young age Orna displayed creativity and imagination and had a passion for the unconventional. She has lent her talent to prestigious institutions such as The San Francisco Symphony, the Asian Art Museum, the DeYoung Museum, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany, Bulgari the Redwood hotel, the St. Regis hotel and the Fairmont hotel, where you can visit her shop. Before we start a quick housekeeping note, you're welcome to submit questions during the demo to submit a question please use the Q and A icon at the bottom of the screen. We will try to answer as many questions live, questions during the live demo. Also, this event is being recorded and the replay will be posted on our first Republic website. Let's give a warm welcome to Orna Maymon. Take it away Orna.

Orna Maymon - Thank you so much Anna. Thank you for introducing me and introducing Ornamento. I'm so excited to be here and thank you everybody for being here with us. Thank you so much First Republic Bank for having me and giving me this opportunity to show this beautiful time of the year spring all this blooming spectacular flowers. I want to talk a little bit about it's First Republic Bank. It's been my bank for the last five or six years. I started, just trying to test the bank out and I'm so happy I did, because now that I got myself, my kids, my friends, everybody in the bank, I cannot say enough good things about the bank. Sometimes I'm like in an niche with my business or with my personal banking. And I need like last minute transition or last minute question I call Sunday afternoon and somebody call me two hours later and I'm like. Really do they really call me this time on Sunday? So I feel like a First Republic Bank run their business, like me, like a small business. They're always there for us, for me. And I would recommend anybody to this bank. So thank you again, First Republic Bank. And I would like to start with looking at my flowers and just for you to know a little bit of background where all these flowers came from, all this flowers came from from the San Francisco flower market, which is very famous. It's one of the largest flower market in the United States. Has been around till 1956, one of the first ones. Also it's known for the largest local growers that bring all the flowers to the flower market. So we wanted to make something really special for you. We went there at 4:00 AM in the morning, a couple of days ago, so you can see the, how things happened and the how things happened in the backdrop of the flower market in the San Francisco. So please look at a video, very short three minutes video behind the scene. So please enjoy. That was a lot of fun. I know it did take a lot of work but I love every minute of what I do. So it's, it's only fun. So let's start I'm really excited to start our session here. So the first thing I want to show is what's the most important what are the most important tools for you to do flowers? So for me, is the clippers. I always have to have them because I always lose one while I'm working and usually caught up in other branches.

So I have my Clippers. I also have two sharp knife. They're pretty basic. You can get them in any ACE or any flower market. Also, again, I have a lot of them because all of us lose one or two while I'm working. So always have extra. I have, you can also use scissors instead of the, the sheer, the clippers because all you're going to need is just a good strong scissor to cut your, your stems. I have my ribbon scissor because I always like to put ribbon around my flowers and I do put ribbon around my ribbon scissors. So I don't mix it up, and cause I need to keep the scissors sharp. I also have it's a Rose clipper is to clean all the, the thorn and the leaves from the rose. And I'll show you later as we move forward. Exactly, what this does. And believe it or not, I have a bread knife in here. Now I want to show you later on what am I going to use it for? It's just a dull knife that I'm been using it for years but it's a good trick later on that. I want to show you what I'm going to use it for. So now that we have all the tools we can start working. First thing I want to show you is how to trend an orchid that you usually buy it from your grocery store. What I realized in the last three, four years that everywhere every supermarket you go to the sell orchids. But unfortunately the widest cell orchid is very sloppy. The containers are very, very unattractive. The colors don't work together, containers are too small. It just doesn't work for me. So I want to teach you how to turn this basic working plant into a really stunning plant. So I chose this, this container for me today but I'm sure you have a lot of containers at home that you can use. I have them here. You have like a nice green container or just like a stunning and stunning, modern whatever you have at home that you can use. I'm sure if you look at your cabinet, you can find a few but for this project, I have this white container which is very modern now with the foot that it come in. So the first thing I do when I get my orchids I let him, I put him in the sink and let him rinse with water or water them really well because I don't know how long they've been out of water.

So put him in the sink let, water runs through it like all the water comes out. And then when it's dry I fixed some papers that I stuffed my container in and my goal here, see what other paper the leaves kind of sinking into in the container. But I do want to show off the leaves because the leaves are really beautiful and the nice part of the orchids. Also to know how to pick up an orchid, you want to make sure that the leaves are nice and strong and green. They're not damage like here. They all are really upright and beautiful as well as you want to have. Let's say 75 of the blooms open and just little bit like a 25% of the blooms tight. They're going to last longer. But don't get the blues too tight because usually if it's not in the right environment they never open and it just dried out and it just does. They don't look good. It just looks like a it's kind of old. So that's what I would suggest for orchids. What I do. I just put the papers in there and like start to play with that. Just make sure the grains are out. For this project I got two orchids that they kind of, they look like twin. They kind of go together. So I'm going to put them in my container. You can like force it a little bit. So both of them, both of the orchids are facing you. And usually they come with this ugly, like tie it's like a plastic that's very unattractive. So I take this all out. I mean, I don't need any of that. I take it out, I take the black bamboo. I want to change it with a fresh, nice bamboo stick. And as you see, you see how this is kind of bending and it needs kind of a support in it's like a face lip a little bit. So what I do, I take my bamboo and you probably can get this bamboo either at my Michael's or in your local flower shop. You can get it anywhere that sells plants and I just think it's more stable. So I put it in here and then I have my wire. All right so, it's just a wire with some metal that it's kind of hard and you can kind of create any shape you want. Hopefully you can see everything. You can just cut it. So I put one wire in here to hold and second one, which I need a shorter one. I just need to support the top. So it looks like it's alive rather than kind of drooping and I'm sad. So it just kind of supported with the bamboo. So you can see already the difference between this stem and this kind of sad stem is kind of hanging and droopy which I don't like, okay, I going to change this one as well. I think that the, the old bamboo stick. Now for the bamboo stick just you now there is a thicker side and a thinner side.

I liked the thicker one to be at the bottom. So the top would be more graceful. I do the same thing. I just put it into the soil, the orchid soil. I take the wire again, I start from here to hold it attach it to the bamboo. The same one on top. We would kind of a lift up. So it's more supportive. Just like that. I'm going to move this out of the way so you can see better. So this is little better, right? Then what I do, I use leaf shine. Very special for leaves and I just spray the leaves make it look nice and fresh. We take a look at it. What else I do with this wire? I want to give it a little design on it. So what I do, I take a long wire and just to pay attention to show that you're paying attention to details. And again, you can find all these in a flower shop or Michael's or ACE. And then I have these two wires here. What I do, I take a marker and I rub the wire in the marker and give it some kind of a nice touch. Just like that. You don't have to do it in both of them only in one, just for kind of style. And the last thing, if you want to secure the orchids. And the last thing is the Moss to use the fresh Moss which I love. That's a last touch. I use Mood Moss and you can see how it finished the whole thing off. And then if you feel like it's kind of crookedly with the bamboo, the Moss helps kind of secure it forward.

Valerie Ulrich - Orna could you tell us what is the brand of the spray that you used please?

Orna - This one is just a design master to have a lot of different spray, but it said design master, leaf shine.

Valerie - And also, is there a particular brand of clippers that you like to use?

Orna - You know, I'll be honest with you. I, because I knew them as I mentioned at the beginning, I move them so much. because when I walk, I don't pay attention. I just buy whatever you like around $20 because I I need to buy them so often, like every month. So whatever is, I feel like it's good and sharp and I don't feel bad losing them. I used to use really expensive one, the $60 one and I would lose them and I would feel so bad, but now, whatever it's about that and I used for a couple of weeks works for me. So this is it with my water. So this is the makeup for a new orchids compared to this container. And I think the container really is the most important thing. So you can put it in any place in your house. And I think you're going to be proud of yourself doing this. So this is our first project.

Valerie - Its beautiful. We have a few more questions about the orchid the Moss is there a particular brand and where does a person buy that?

Orna - Again, you can buy all this in Michaels or in your local flower shop. I liked Wood moss because the color when it's really looks real and the color is really dark and vibrant and what I like to use it it's so thick when you put it around the plant you kind of bend really bit. So it looks more natural rather than flat and skimpy. So like the Wood moss, and you can see just by the color just look at the green color and you can tell it's nice and fresh and it's all natural. I mean, this draws around trees and branches. I mean, this is all from nature. It's all, that's how they come is beautiful. And it smells so fresh. It's so nice.

Valerie - Right and Orna there many people asking about how to care for the flower, the orchids, and how to water them. And what do you think about ice cubes, putting nice cubes in them and how do you care for those orchids? How do you make them last?

Orna - So I usually, you know, orchids are, they look very fragile but they are actually very tough. What I do. I put like two or three ice cube in the center of the orchid every two weeks, like 10 days to two weeks. And that's all you have to do. Don't put in direct sun, put it in anywhere in the house. It doesn't need a lot of light or a lot of sun. You just enjoy it anywhere in the house should last you for six weeks to a two months or more. They're, really great plans for the house. I mean, sometimes I have a lot of accounts that I use only orchids and I leave them for a month. I change them every month. And after I use it for a month, I bring them home and leave them home for another two months. And I enjoy them without just adding water. And they're really nice plants to have. So I would recommend anybody to use it. So we need to go to the next project now. We have a lot of project and I want to make sure we got it. We have enough time. So the next project for me is I want you to know how when you go to, when you buy your flowers, you kind of add a dilemma. How, how would I put it in the vase, how it's going to look good. So I have a great solution for you guys. That's actually, I use that measures methods as well. So I'm going to do this with tulips because not too far in season, and they're beautiful and they come all these beautiful colors. So what I do, so I take the tulips and let me talk a little bit about how you, you take care of them. So let me buy a bunch of tulips. What you want to do. Is take the paper like any paper, newspaper, or any grocery paper that you have and your rap it with the paper like that'd be kind of make the heads kind of stand straight. You cut the stem. And you put it in water overnight. And what that does? It makes the head stand up. Otherwise the tulip is going to bend, and I have a sample here for you. If you see here, if you don't do that the kind of the tulips is kind of going to go anywhere and unlike when they're they stand up. And it's easier to arrange and work with. So after you do that and overnight is the best time to do that.

Valerie - And Orna what water temperature would you suggest for that overnight

Orna - It should be warm lukewarm water. You know what I tell my client is like you know, the temperature, when you check shower the nice warm temperature for the water that you take shower is the same for the flowers because it just, they drink faster when it's warmer water. For any flower doesn't matter what it is. So what I do, I take all tulips and they come with, all these leaves, beautiful leaves. I take the bottom leaves. Okay, so if we want to use this vase for that I want to make sure I take the leaves off the one that's going to go in the water. So I just cleaned the leaves and I put all the heads together. I always said like soldiers, but that's what I mean like really straight like that. You just take the bottom leaves and you do it like that. You can mix all the colors of tulips and tulips you. And you know tulips you now it happened. If you buy them this size after a week that you enjoy looking at them, they basically double their size. It's really amazing to see that but that's a fact about tulips. So as you see, I put fall, I cleaned those ahead of time. Just to save time. I just put all the heads together. So you can do any color you want you feel like monochromatic, you use all pitch or white. If you like mixed colors, I use mixed colors. And then you just put all that together. And you know, when you see like a tulip it has a tendency to go on way. I usually put that at the end the straight tulip I put in the center. You see the straight tulip I put the center. I'm going to add all these tulip I had planned already.

Valerie - Orna if your play start drooping. Is there a way to bring them back to that upright position?

Orna - Tulips are kind of tricky because like three, four days later after the kind of grow and they do their own thing. I'm going to show you how to do it. You know, it's good to take them together cut them and put them back in water. But It's kind of tricky. So what I would suggest if you want to do that, you need to come shorter. You may want to like put a rubber band or ribbon around it and then you cut them. So they don't go all over the place. It's kind of, they're kind of out of control, sometime tulips, but I would suggest.

Valerie - But daffodils have the same procedure for having them stay upright and overnight water.

Orna - Yeah, they're sweet, they're easy they're like this good kid that you have that don't ask for anything. You just get them fresh. You cut them you put them in water and they just do the same. They open the look at you. Daffodils are wonderful. I mean tulips wonderful too but the kind of changes they grow, but daffodil which I have right here. And I love them. They're just, you cut them you put them in water, and they don't change. They just open large. Okay so let's go back to my knife. You remember I talked about my bread knife? So what I'm going to do now. Now you won't understand why I need it. I'm going take my all my tulips which I know I'm going to put right here in his vase. So this is too long for the vase, right? So only cut it about two inches or so and the easiest way to do it. See all the hands of together. I want to take my bread knife. I'm going to hold it. Maybe I will go this way you can see it better. And when about here I'm just going to cut just like I bread. It's really nice and easy. That's it. And you keep you try to keep them all this together. See they all are together. You take your vase and you just put it there. See, it's all the same length, you just need to kind of make sure they're all like the same lengths or just give it more a moment a little bit. I think this is kind of a feud, isn't it? It's so easy. And you know what? You can do the same principle with all flowers all flowers that the heads look the same which I'm going to show you in a second. I'm going to do this with roses, but this is it. How easy it is, isn't it? Okay, so I'm going to take this away think this away.

Valerie - Orna while putting that away. Could you tell us if there is any trick or any belief of putting in sugar or a penny or any of the, those packets that you get with flowers putting that substance in? What do you think of those things?

Orna - That's a great question Valarie. Yeah usually you know when you buy your flowers, it count with a food package, which includes sugar, acid and bleach which was good for the flowers. Now, the sugar, you know, in the flower grows in the ground is in its natural environment. It has the sugar and the bull or the roots but after we cut it, it kind of loses it. So sure. It's always good to put in the water. If you have sugar, you know the one package you can put it into water, but those are including everything. You put it. When you have the warm water you put in the water. So it's kind of resolve and then you can put it in the, in the water. What I like to do to keep the water clean especially in a clear vase I don't want the water to get nasty and dirty. Beside the package. I put a drop of bleach not only the bleach prevent the bacteria to grow. It's also kept the water clean and this way you don't have to change the water more than twice. If the flower is going to last us for a week you can do it after three days. And then after another six days. But bleach for me it's the medicine because it's the best thing. Some people say like, which we're going to can the flowers. Now it's the opposite. It's going to make the flowers last long and keep the water fresh and clean. Okay, I want to show you my next arrangement the same principle but in different flower. So the same principle it's going to work for you. If the flower has the same kind of shape head like if you're around or though the same size but the minute you start to use like different shape of flowers, let's see like something like the fritillaria that have like a longer neck it just kind of makes things a little more difficult. I want to teach you easy way that it's going to work for you. And you don't get overwhelmed when you buy your flowers. So what I'm going to do those beautiful daffodils away. I'm going to do the same thing with these flowers. And when I put all the flowers, all their heads together and the way to clean roses, when you buy them you take all the thorn off and any foliage that you're not going to go in the water. You're going to take it away. You're going to take it off, which I did in advance. So we save time.

But also roses usually have guards’ petals that actually guards the flower itself. And usually they don't look so good. You want to take them out. So after you choose your colors and your flour and the way I like to do it, I like either monochromatic which all the same flowers or complimenting flowers, it's always easy. It gets complicated. When you know, you get all this colors and you don't know what to do and what to choose keep things simple is always best. So all these beautiful, look at these beautiful ranunculus. They are in the season right now and that the most beautiful thing. And then again, I have all these thorn. You can either take them with a knife just stick it out like that or bring my Rose strip, which is right here, the Rose stripper, it's easier. You just go like that. And they all come out. Let me do another one for you. That takes away all the thorns. It's easier than the knife. And again, if you have, if you go to the farm market, I know usually they have stores that sells all this. Or again, you can order it in your local flower shop, or I know you can find a way to find ourselves. And all the tips and everything I'm talking about you want to get a follow up email with everything I'm talking about. So if it's too much for you, overwhelming, don't worry. You'll get everything in the email. So you don't have to remember everything right away. I just want you to enjoy the process because working with these beautiful flowers I think it's just so spectacular.

Valerie - We'll be recording this. We are recording this. So it'll be available on our website as well.

Orna - All right so that's right.

Valerie - Orna regarding the, once you put the flowers in the water do you have to cut them every couple of days the bottom of them just to make them fresh. And when you change the water, get a good idea to cut them. And then do you cut them at an angle, or do you cut straight across?

Orna - Right, It's a great question, Valarie. So yes, every time you change your water you want to cut him. Because thinking like that, when you cut the flower Think it's like, think it's like a straw. As soon as you've got the flowers the stem just absorbs all the water to the flower. So the more often you cut the stem the better for the flower and the longer lasting it is, but I'll go crazy. I mean, you don't have to do it every day. I mean you want to enjoy the flowers are sitting on your counter. But when you see like when the water getting cloudy and the flowers are just not so happy change a water, put again, the solution put a little bit of bleach, cut it again and put it back in the water and you'll see that the results within an hour. So it looks good right in here. So again, I'm doing the same thing. I'm taking my flowers and I would think I want to use my bread knife again. I'm going to use my clipper because Roses have a little stronger stand than tulips. So you take your, you take your clipper. You're going to be brought any clipper paper is good enough. And you just cut it all. You have to have big hands I have big hands; it helps me. But it's not what you can also do in front of you that, You take a rubber band. So don't hold, the flowers together what I do I take a rubber band. Well, they did a one and then go around, put it back. So this way, you now they're not snowboarding anywhere if you kind of lose control. Because it's so big. all of a sudden lens. Oh actually, I had a better vase that. I want this to be more special. It's pretty vase. My hobby is to collect vases. So I have so many beautiful vases.

Valerie - Orna a couple of people have asked, how do you decide which vase, what size, and shape?

Orna - Yes, so it depends in a lot of different things but let me hold on for a minute. So I'm going to drop my flowers in a vase. You just drop them in there and then you just kind of touch it up. I mean, you just moved, you know half an inch or so here and there. When you look easy, it is isn't it so easily. You know, if you need a couple more to fill in you just add couple more roses or more flowers. When I sing, this is just spectacular. Just the way it is just like that. When it comes to Vases. So first before you decide what vase you're going to use your flowers for, you need to think where do I need my flowers? Do I need them for my dinner table? Do I need them for my front entrance? When my guests come in and I want to wow them. Do I need just to move beautiful bunch of flowers for my lunch, with my friends, it's really pain so. So, depends on the size of the flowers. You want the vase to kind of go accordingly. Like this vase, it's perfectly, you know a perfect size for the flowers. It's, it's about seven inches and the flowers. I live them as nine inches. I know you, I'm sure you have a lot of Vases in your kitchen cabinet or somewhere sitting that you can open it and get inspired what base to use but any vessel that holds water in my opinion can be a base for you. Don't limit yourself. You can use anything. Okay my next project, I'm sure a lot of you have gardens, beautiful garden, beautiful flowers. And that's what I want to show next. So I have this cute vase that I'm going to use it. And all these flowers that are going to use are for my body. So I have this beautiful gloomy chameleons which are in season right now. I'm in look at those. And then it was a beautiful thing. Look, I also have, I have this beautiful bowl that I've put all the blooms that I'm not going to use. This one is too open and it's kind of damaged a little bit. So I'm just going to put it in a bowl because I don't want to lose it. It's just so beautiful. Look how beautiful this is. They can always add some leaves just to give it kind of a nice touch. You have another centerpiece for the house.

Just like that's nice and simple. Just go to your garden and just cut. Whatever is in full bloom. Look, I'm going to put it away. So I have space. If we're going to put water in here put this water from my drinking water. All right. So first I want to start with my beautiful camellia. Usually I start with my brain when I do something more wild and more natural. So I gain whatever goes in the water. I'm going to clean, take all the footage out and I'm just going to let everything flow and do the it's natural thing. Now, any flowers, any stem have a front and a back. So when you arrange the flowers I always think about a focal point because when you place the flowers, there was always front. So all the flowers, I'm making sure that all the front flowers facing forward there was always a front. So this one also another beautiful piece here. And I put it right here. It's so easy. You just got to your garden whatever is in bloom and don't have to overthink it. Just put it in your vase. That's front that. You can see all the blooming flowers that they're coming here. A little damage here. I don't want to use it, but I am going to put into my bowl because I don't want to get rid of it. It's so beautiful. I'm going to put it in here. So this is your start. The reason I started with green because it's kind of anchor my vase. So when I add the rest of the flowers it's easy to put a flower and they don't go anywhere they kind of stay. So let me show you about my garden flowers, all the wild, beautiful flowers. I have this beautiful, highest scent. I have forget me not. I have Rosemary look at pretty smell so nice. I have Jasmine. So what are we going to do? I want to start maybe with the Rosemary because it's kind of big and it has six stem. So I'm just, you know, as I said there was a front and a back since in the front, I'm going to keep it moving to the front.

Valerie - Orna are there any flowers as you're putting all of those mixed flowers in a vase, are there any that cannot be in the same vase as the other flowers?

Orna - Yes, I'll be honest with you. I don't like, I like things simple. So I would never mix like tropical flowers. We'd like garden flowers, because in nature if you think about it just don't go together. You know, it's a really simple, you don't you don't have to know much about nature. You just need to look at nature and see how things grow. And that's how usually you do it. But I just think that's the thing goes. I mean, anything that it's beautiful as long as the texture is the same and the size of bloom is the same, not too many limitation.

Valerie - What about hydrangeas? Is there a particular secret to cut cutting them for a vase and prevent them from wilting?

Orna - Yes, I love her hydrangeas. I use her hydrangeas all the time and hold one second. This highest end because it's so beautiful. I'm going to make it like a focal point. So I'm going to put it right here in the middle. And then I have this Helleborus also for my garden. It's nice. And last one, fang. It has a nice movement. You just going to follow, follow the direction of the flower. Like if it goes this way, you want to place it this way. You don't want to force it the other way. Hydrangeas, hydrogen love a lot of water. So when you buy them, you need to cut of stem. You need to put, get a bucket with a lot of water, the more water, the better. And you just put him in the water all the way to the neck till the bloom starts. That's a good way to keep them strong. And this should last you for five, seven days. Can you see how all so far Now, if you feel like, if you look at them and they're sad and tired, you put, probably put them in a place where the heater run. It's easy. You take a sink or a bucket, you fill it up with water and it actually submerge the whole head in the water and let it be there. You can forget about it for a day or an hour. And then the next day you carry it again. You put in fresh water and boom comes back again to life. So you see how easy this is. You just kind of take whatever you have and you just like this stem. I want to go this way. So it follow me this way. I have this beautiful puppies. Look at how pretty puppies are. Since is a nine my garden, you just can you can make them tolerant because you want them to show Just like that. You don't even have to take the cover of the puppy off. You just live with just natural. Oh God, it smells so nice. I wish you can smell. The Rosemary is beautiful. I mean, you can keep on going and going but this is basically it. This is, you know for your breakfast table or just for the coffee table. I think I'm going to; well I didn't add the forget-me-not. I have a forgot me not here. Again for my garden. You just add them. This would be beautiful for Easter right away. Which I think it's coming up or Passover arrangement. Here we go. Just like that.

Valerie - Arrangement for a dinner party. Is there any rule of them for how many vases? What size? What height?

Orna - For dinner party?

Valerie - For dinner party.

Orna - Yeah, so depends how wild the party is. Okay, so I'm done with that. I want to continue fast because we don't have much less time. And I do want to share with you more. So this is, so you know what I'm going to actually show you a dinner party arrangements right now. So that would answer your question. So a dinner party, for me, it's always more formal and you want to get more serious and make it more beautiful that anyone, you want the flowers to compliment your interior your table, dining room you want to impress your guests. And that's why I chose this beautiful vase. It's really thick and it's expensive vase. So you want to go all the way you want the vase, the good flowers and actually I'm going to choose flowers for my library here. So what I'm going to do I going to start with beautiful orchids. so because I want like high-end flowers, more expensive something that really people are going to wow. And I'm going to still start with them. And again, the flower has a front and a back. So you want the friend to be in the front even though you put on a table, you want, when people come in the best part of the flowers to look at you. So you see how I'm having hard time here to make these guys stay in the vase. I have a solution for you. You think the stance and you took a rubber band. And the good thing is that that vase is not clear. So nobody wants to see the rubber band and you tie it together then you just put it in there. Okay, you stay here, guys. Okay, I want to call them shorter Just like that. Look I want to start with an outer flowers and then I want to put this guy up here. I love beautiful garden roses here, the colors. So what I'm going to do I'm going to use mostly the same complimentary colors. I going to use this. I going to use this beautiful sweet peas. So I'm going to start instead of this orchid to make my life easier. I'm going to start with the orchids with a sweet peas, I'm sorry. And again I'm just going to let it compliment my vase. So we're going to put one this way. And if it's a dinner party for your guests you don't want the vase or the flowers to be too tall. You want, you don't want them to look over the flowers and interrupt the conversation or the dinner you want the flowers just to be, just to be in an accessory. So here we go again, I'm going to find the shape of the flowers. Okay, it smells so wonderful in here. My goodness between my Jasmine and my sweet peas, my roses.

Look, I want to try these orchids again. Never give up when you have hard time doing anything, just keep trying. Don't give up. You see now we have these sweet peas to kind of hold the flowers orchids. Here we go, now on when to use these beautiful roses. Here's my Rose streak. Hmm, there's so beautiful. And he's just, again, you follow the same line. I can basically just keep on filling up, the whole vase with orchid but I want to make it more interesting than that. Those are complimentary colors. The orange, the peach, the purple. Just keep on them walk. You know, keep them going. Don't over think it. Just use your judgment. So when you decided to do a dinner, a dinner centerpiece for your house you can go to your local sororities or your wholesaler or however you buy your flowers and you're going to explain to them. What is it you want to do? And I'm sure they can help you decide what flowers or what colors or what texture. That's what I do when my client come or they call or to ask me, what should I do? I ask where is it going on? What did the room look like, what's the colors?

Valerie - Orna we're almost at a close but I want to just ask you about the Oasis. Do you ever use that when you're making an arrangement?

Orna - Yes, I use Oasis when I have a really big complicated arrangement to do. For the house for entertaining. I like fresh water the flowers last while they're in the water, than in Oasis. It just depends what you need for I mean if you have like him big container with a big opening, you want to Oasis. Because it's easier to put the flowers in it. You know, the Oasis is a sponge that holds all the flowers in space.

Valerie - Okay and also, can you talk to us about cutting large branches, like cherry blossom branches, so they maintain themselves for a long time?

Orna - Yes, yes. I have all this beautiful cherry blossom in here. So since the branches are Woody and are heavy, just cutting the stem is not good enough. You need to hammer them with a hammer, or you can crosscut them with a good clippers so they can drink the water faster. Always like to have a hammer around and just, you know hammer it down. It's easier. It's fast and, and drink the water faster. But any brunches you would need to here let me show you one here when fast. So here is my cherry blossom. So what I do, I crosscut it. So I cut it one this way and then all-around kind of try to open it up. So there is more way for the water to come in. Really beautiful the cherry. They're going to be around for like a month and then that's it there gone til next year.

Valerie - Orna what are the best flowers to give to somebody? If you're not going to gift them with a vase? What sort of flowers do you recommend that a person buy for a hostess gift?

Orna - I'm sorry, can you repeat the question?

Valerie - If you're giving flowers as a gift like you're taking flowers to somebody's house. When you go for dinner and you don't have a vase what are the best flowers to buy?

Orna - You know, I'm always for seasonal flowers with whatever is in right now in season the always fresh. Like now the tulips, the peonies are coming soon around mother's day. My favorite flowers. I mean now you can buy all flowers all year long, unfortunately because I realize I'm a big fan of buying flowers that's in season right now. I don't want to, like I don't want to buy dahlias, which are summer flowers not in the spring because I want to enjoy what's the best freshest flowers right now. So always whatever, fresh, whatever looks good to you, well your client, if they like a more natural flowers if they like tropical flowers, it's really all depends. But for me, seasonal always a winner.

Valerie - Great, well Orna we really need to bring this to a close because we're running out of time and we wanted to thank you so much for being with us today and showing us how to great, beautiful floral arrangements and sharing all these great tips and tricks with our attendees and to our attendees. Thank you for being with us today. And as you know, we posted it, for attending Orna is offering a 15% discount off of any bouquet that is ordered for pickup or delivery and you visit her website or you can call her at 385-2808 and enter the code FRB flowers at the checkout. And she's going offer this until May 10th which is a Monday. And as a reminder, this event was recorded, and the recording will be available on our website next week. We will also include a follow-up letter to everybody, and it will have the discount information on it. And we look forward to you visiting our website for a schedule of other upcoming Webinars. So thank you, Orna. Thank you everybody.

Orna - Thank you for having me I had so much fun. I hope you did too.

Valerie - You did a great job. We enjoyed it and thank you so much.

Orna - Thank you. Bye bye.

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