Small Business Spotlight: a Human Approach to Marketing and PR with L2K

First Republic Bank
May 2, 2016

L2K is a full service multimedia production company. They specialize in strategic creative communication. We sat down with Founders Laura Kaplan and Lydia Leeds to discuss their excitement in running an agency, advice for entrepreneurs and the importance of Small Business Week.

“Help others for the sake of helping. You never know what might happen.”

What was the inspiration behind starting L2K Communications?

We wanted to Stop Time for our clients — and have the time to really connect. We wanted to make decisions that were good for our clients and for us at the same time. 

How have you evolved your marketing approach over the years to fit today’s digital-first world?

Our approach has always been organic and we never sacrifice the human connection for a digital one. It's not our approach that’s been altered as much as the delivery itself — which has completely merged the time/space continuum.  

What are the biggest strengths that small businesses have over larger ones?

The personal attention is unparalleled and a small business can make decisions quickly and efficiently while being able to maximize value. Most importantly we can invest the time to really learn our clients business, culture and constituents making the communication targeted and specific.

Can you describe what keeps you excited about running a marketing and public relations agency?

No two projects are alike. When you work with a client and really listen to what they need and what will make their message heard, the creative becomes an extension of that messaging. Being able to develop and create a project two-dimensionally and three-dimensionally is an opportunity for everyone to step up to the plate and have some skin in the game. When you do that — when you actually connect with your audience and change their behavior, the return is palpable. That’s exciting. 

To you, what is the importance of Small Business Week?

Giving small minority owned businesses like us a presence. 

Other than Small Business Week, what can other businesses and customers do to support local businesses?

Lou Gerstner from IBM said "eat your own cookies." We've always loved that. Use other local businesses to support yours! Work with and for the community with other local businesses — work together to reach a broader audience and stick together. Help others for the sake of helping. You never know what might happen. 

How do you contribute to enriching the surrounding community?

By doing what we do best — make sure everyone has a voice that is heard. We are fervent about helping in any way we can — from contributions to sitting on advisory boards to just plain being nice — and paying it forward.

What is the one piece of advice would you give to someone considering starting their own small business?

Find your appetite for risk and don't exceed it. 

As a small business owner, what accomplishment gives you the most pride?

Knowing we've reached our audience. 

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