Your Legacy Lives On: Jeff Atkinson

Jeff Atkinson, President, Concar Enterprises, Inc
October 31, 2014

Jeff Atkinson is the President of Concar Enterprises, Inc., a family real estate business founded in the 1940s. Jeff considers exceptional service to be key. That’s why he chose First Republic Trust Company to handle his family’s numerous trust accounts. We sat down to speak with Jeff about the importance of community, values and continuing his family’s legacy.

Can you tell us about your family's business?

My grandfather owned a construction business called LC Smith Company which specialized in roads, freeways, sidewalks and parking lots. He played a pivotal role in building the San Mateo County and the Bay Area, and his business constructed many of the interstate freeways including the 280, 380, 580, 680, Highways 92, and 17 to Santa Cruz. He then started Concar Enterprises Incorporated with my grandmother in 1947; originally it was farming and ranching, and then it moved into different enterprises, and now it's a closely-held family company in real estate investment.

Why did you decide to continue on with your grandfather's business? 

It was our grandfather's dream that his family would continue to be involved in the business. I started working for the company 25 years ago, and I had the opportunity to work alongside my grandmother, mother and brother. After my grandmother died, I continued to work for the company and have been there ever since. The business is very important to me as it gives our family a direct connection to the projects my grandfather was involved with in this community and all that he built.

How important is community to you?

Community was extremely important to my grandparents, and to this day it’s very important to me. My grandfather was a longtime member of Rotary in San Mateo, which I'm a member of now. He was very philanthropic and was involved in various charities throughout San Mateo and San Mateo County, and we continue to be involved in these and others today. This community is important to me because this is where I was born and where my family has built so much, so I want to continue to support where I can.

What were some of the values that you learned from your grandfather? 

Watching my grandfather help build the communities in San Mateo County was a great experience for me and a learning process. He taught me hard work, honesty, and integrity, and that's carried me through my entire life.

How has First Republic been able to support your family's goals? 

Four years ago, we were looking for an organization that could provide us more personal service and deal with all of the aspects we needed, including trust services. There are various trusts we have in our family that are tied to Concar Enterprises, and First Republic has been instrumental in making sure we understand how we can move forward and maintain that wealth for future generations.