Entertainment Industry Loans and Lines of Credit

With a First Republic loan or line of credit for the entertainment industry, you’ll work with an industry specialist to create a tailored loan product that suits your needs and can help you accomplish your goals.


  • Specialized lending services include working capital lines of credit and individual production financing for feature films, television series and made-for-TV movies
  • An experienced entertainment banking specialist who understands your business and your needs will work with you
  • We also work with Business Managers and their clients to assist with private banking, wealth management and lending (including home mortgages)

Product Details

  • All First Republic production loans for film and television require collateral in the form of acceptable pre-sale distribution agreements, tax incentives, and/or guarantees (either corporate or personal)
  • All First Republic lending products require a First Republic checking account

Featured Services

  • Checking

    We offer a variety of checking account options that come with a host of featured services designed for security, convenience and service.

  • Money Market

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  • Business Lending by Industry

    Our seasoned bankers tap their specialized industry knowledge to craft customized solutions that meet the financial needs of your business and deliver our service with an unwavering desire to exceed expectations. 

  • Commercial Real Estate and Construction Loans

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  • Business Lines of Credit

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  • Corporate Online

    Manage your money conveniently and efficiently with 24/7 access to your business accounts through Corporate Online banking. 

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