Sponsorship Best Practices with IEG

First Republic Bank
May 19, 2022

Watch Fundraisers Alliance present the second installment of our 2022 Learning Series.


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Tiffany Carter: Good morning and good afternoon, everyone. My name is Tiffany Carter, and I am the Nonprofit Marketing Director here at First Republic. I would just like to ask everyone to be on mute, at least at this moment while I make the introduction. Thank you everyone for joining today for our Fundraisers Alliance event. It’s the second installment of our 2022 Learning Series. Feel free to respond to the icebreaker question in the chat if you haven't already. Welcome to anyone who's new to the Fundraiser's Alliance, and to our members, I want to say hello and welcome back. If you're not familiar with us, our Fundraiser's Alliance allows us to bring together First Republic’s nonprofit community in order to deepen fundraising skills, share best practices and learn from peers and best-in-class service providers. Today, that includes our friends at IEG. Today's workshop focuses on sponsorship best practices, and we are delighted to have IEG with us today.

And if you're not familiar with IEG, IEG delivers proprietary market intelligence, thought leadership and strategic council that empowers organizations to make more informed sponsorship decisions. The world's most recognized brands and nonprofits of all sizes turn to IEG for their unmatched expertise. And with us today from IEG are Peter Laatz and Megan McGinnis. Peter is the Managing Director of IEG and has over 25 years of sponsorship, marketing and brand experience. Peter has spent time on the brand, property and agency side, and is an advocate for the power of sponsorship done well. And Megan runs IEG’s consulting group and is responsible for its wide array of client engagements with both properties and brands. She's been with IEG for over seven years and has a wealth of knowledge regarding sponsorship best practices and its overall value drivers. And a fun fact, both Peter and Megan are proud graduates from the prestigious Journalism school at the University of Missouri Columbia. But—and these are Peter's words, not mine—it's safe to say that Peter went there a bit ahead of Megan. Welcome Peter and Megan. We're so honored to have you with us. And for everyone else, we hope you enjoy this session today, and we invite you to engage with us throughout our time together. I'll be monitoring the chat. And if we aren't able to address your question in real time, we'll try to get to it later on. If you're comfortable at that point, you can turn off your cameras—you're welcome to turn off your cameras now, if you'd like, too—submit questions through the chat or come off mute at the end when we open up for Q and A. So thank you again so much for joining us. And with that, I'm going to turn it over to Peter and Megan.

Peter Laatz: Well, thanks, Tiffany. Really appreciate it. And sending good wishes to Todd and hoping that he feels better here this morning or this afternoon, wherever everyone's located. Look, we really appreciate the opportunity that you've given us to talk to this group of people about a very, very important opportunity that's in front of us. So we're going to spend a bit of time setting the stage on the landscape with sponsorship, on why there is significant opportunity in sponsorship, and some of the hallmarks of good characteristics of sponsorship moving forward. We'll review with you a lot of principles behind this powerful channel. One of the things that's really important from a housekeeping perspective is everything that you will see here on the screen today you will receive after the meeting. So don't worry about feverishly taking notes or screenshotting any of the slides because you will receive everything. So, sit back and engage with the conversation. I've got both Megan and Tiffany that are going to kind of help me along with the chat to make sure that we're answering questions. And we will leave a little bit of time towards the end to do a direct Q and A, and certainly are happy to follow up with any of you later as well. So with that said, let's get into it.

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