First Time Mobile Sign-In
  • Gold eagle on green background 

    1. Install the “First Republic Mobile Banking – Green” app with the green and gold icon.

    • Available in both the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ Store.

    Apple App Store logo     Google Play store logo

  • Sign in screen is green with white text  

    2. Sign in to the new app.

    1. Open the new green app you just installed.
    2. Enter your username and password.
    3. Tap Sign In.

    Note: By default, the app will remember your sign-in information. Should you wish to require a secure access code for future sign-ins, tap More, then tap Settings and toggle Remember Me to the off position.

  • Verify your phone screenshot  

    3. Verify your phone.

    1. To send a six-digit secure access code to your primary phone number, tap Send Code.
    2. To view more phone numbers or email addresses where we can deliver your code, tap I can’t access this phone number.

    Note: To select additional contact options, please tap Support to call Banking Online Support at (855) 886-4819.

  • Enter code screen shot 


    4. Enter your code.

    1. Retrieve your six-digit secure access code from the phone number or email address you selected.
    2. Enter the six-digit code you received.

  • Enter password screen shot 


    5. Set your new password.

    1. Enter your password.
    2. Confirm the password.
    3. Tap Done.

    Note: You may use your current password if it meets the security requirements displayed on the screen.

  • Terms and conditions screen shot 


    6. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions. 

    Tap I Agree to agree to the updated Terms and Conditions.

  • Sign In screenshot 


    7. Sign-in is complete.

    Please call Banking Online Support at (855) 886-4819 if you need further assistance.